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Portal 2 Mac Review

Loading reviews There are no more reviews that match the filters set above. Please select a specific package to create a widget for: Portal 2. Portal 2 - The Final Hours. Create widget. Popular user-defined tags for this product: Sign in Sign in to add your own tags to this product. The original was set in a clinical, pristine Aperture Science facility, but in Portal 2 this place has fallen into disrepair. Set hundreds of years after the end of the first game, the heroine Chell awakes to find herself in a research facility that's overgrown and dilapidated.

She is not happy to see Chell, and so a series of deadly 'tests' begins again. On PC and Mac Portal 2 looks great, with rich detailed environments and excellent animation. While the original's story was only really hinted at, here it is fleshed out and you will learn a lot about Aperture Science and the characters in the game. Portal 2's puzzles are excellent. The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device returns and works as normal, but there are many additions to the original's set of tools and traps: The increased length and expanded story mean Portal 2 is unlikely to be as iconic as the first, but the single player campaign is a fantastic ride, and once it's over there is another excellent series of two player cooperative tests to undertake with two excellently animated robots.

With its mix of puzzles, action and menacing humor, Portal 2 is one of the games of The result is a marvelous animation of an intriguing world that happens before your eyes. See the video in this review for a spoiler-free example of this. The Excitement For all of the first game's excellence, it was mostly a restrained experience, a thinking person's game that invited a lot of pondering and poking around. The new game is often just like that but mixes in events of extraordinary scale and heart-racing intensity.

These sequences that never make the game too hard but do bring it closer to an Uncharted as a game that can offer some of the same thrills as the best sumer action movies. The energetic, mostly-instrumental score helps achieve this effect. That Whole Co-Op Thing Most of my favorite Portal 2 puzzles are in the game's co-op campaign, a separate chunk of missions that puts players in control of a pair of robots, each capable of generating their own linked pairs of portals.

The storyline for this campaign is thin, but it's little bother. The main event in co-op is the series of locked-room puzzles that comprise each of the campaign's five chapters.

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  • Portal 2 Is The Better Portal, But You Better Bring A Friend.

A co-op chapter will last two new players one to two hours, unless those players are freakishly smart. Progress can be saved after completing each challenge room, but players will probably find it more rewarding to give each other the commitment of gamers embarking on a Left4Dead campaign, soldiering through an arc of co-op until its climactic chapter end.

System Requirements

Just be warned: Co-op gives headaches that single-player didn't. I didn't mind.

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There are few games out there that allow two people to enjoy un-rushed collaborative problem-solving. Credit to Portal 2 for doing that rare sort of multiplayer, which was as fun for me and teaming up with a friend to solve a crossword puzzle. The Elegant Assistance Portal 2 writer Erik Wolpaw told me prior to the game's release that the new game will teach players its crazy portal maneuvers gradually and would not demand of its gamers crazy ninja twitch skills.

For the most part, the game doesn't and even sometimes fixes the orientation of a placed Portal to ensure that small misfires don't lead to large frustrations. You can see the Portal 2 creators' helping hand if you pay attention, but they certainly don't make things obvious, just less tedious and finicky. The Humor The potato stuff is funny.

I also liked the stuff about lemons. But you don't want me spoiling these jokes, do you? Rapid Exhaustion It will be hard for most Portal 2 gamers to avoid burning through the game. While the main adventure took me more than nine hours and the co-op campaign at least seven, all of it is so fun and transitions so smoothly into interesting sequence after interesting sequence that it will be tough to stop playing.

This is not a flaw of the game; it's simply a trait. Portal 2 will pass in a rush. Once it is over it may be hard to go back. This isn't a Mass Effect, in which the story can change the second time through, and it's not even a modern Mario in terms of inviting replayability to unlock new areas.

While there are interesting nooks and crannies to discover, some of them teased via smartly-written Achievement goals, there's little chance that playing Portal 2 a second time will feel like a fresh experience. Given that the primary challenge of Portal is solving its puzzles — and that you burn most of the game clock just trying to figure out how to get out of each of these damn rooms — replaying the game will likely being given a crossword puzzle to complete that you already solved last week.