Rihanna mac fall collection 2013 swatches

And yes, I think that may be my feet reflecting in the standing lipstick… Hahaha oops!! Anyway, all of the products in this collection have the same pink tones to the packaging, which I like. I think it looks girly and cute without being too young or obnoxious.

Mattes and Retro Mattes both have intense color payoff, coverage, and a long wear time. What it does is gives the lips a smooth layer for the lipstick to glide over, so it hides any chapped spots. It also makes the lipstick wear longer!

Rihanna & Mac Cosmetics Fall Collection (Unboxing & Live Swatches)

However, you may still be able to find these at your local counter since they were released at counter today! Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Lipsticks swatched on NC15 skin.

Rihanna Hearts MAC Fall Collection-Talk That Talk Review

It honestly looks much warmer in the tube than it does on the skin or lips. The Matte finish is a true Matte, but it does have a soft sheen that lasts for around an hour after you apply it. It gave me 6 hours of wear time before I had to touch up.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Fall – Lipsticks: Photos, Swatches and Reviews – lesley makeup

The texture is super smooth, gliding on and giving great color payoff and full coverage. For liners, you could use so many different neutrals with this… I would suggest trying Hover or Stone if you want a cooler toned neutral. You can also play around with more colorful liners to alter or brighten this lipstick! Talk That Talk: It certainly looks darker in the tube than it does on the lips, but you can layer it to achieve a darker color.

Using the matching liner also helps! I got about hours of wear with Talk That Talk. I feel like the dryness made this apply a bit rough… I got better coverage and color payoff when I dabbed this on or used tiny strokes, rather than when I did one or two big swipes across my lips.

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Using a brush is another good option for application. This has a matching Pro Longwear Lip Pencil with the same name that was released with this collection, which is a perfect match and will help to deepen the color of this lipstick, making it look more true to the color it is in the tube. Applied lightly, Talk That Talk is like a darker, more matte version of Rebel. Definite bonus!

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Again, huge bonus on the wear time with these Retro Matte lipsticks, this one wore on me for 7 hours and 45 mins with the last twenty minutes with noticeable fading and stain. I love, love, love this colour for Fall, and its super pretty on all skin tones.

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Dark or light, this colour works as long as you have the confidence to wear it like Rihanna would want you to! This is going to be one I will be reaching for a lot this Fall and Winter. Who's That Chick? Frost Lipstick - This is a medium vibrant orange, with orange shimmer and a translucent, metallic finish. I typically don't have luck with orange lipsticks - let alone frost finish lipstick, but I picked up this colour mostly to layer on top of others. I like certain colours and lippies, not for the colour on its own, but more for the colour it could be when layered.

Riri Hearts MAC Fall Lipstick Review & Swatches

I love to layer this one on top of pinks to make a nice coral and its actually really nice on top of 'Riri Woo'. Since its a frost, it wore 5 hours on me. So many fun lip recipes to try with this baby! RiRi Woo - This is exactly the same tone and colour as the lipstick and lipgloss, a perfect bright red with blue undertones. I love wearing lip liners with reds and dark colours, so this purchase was a must. Talk That Talk - This is exactly the same tone and colour as the lipstick, a deep berry burgundy. Makes a perfect dark purple pout when matched with the lipstick! Deep Brunette - I can really go either way with this colour or 'Deep Dark Brunette', but I found that this one matched me just a touch better.

I actually got a back up of this one because I've been wanting to switch to this brow pencil for awhile now. I'm just waiting for the shadows that I am currently using in my brow routine to finish first. Well that didn't really work out as planned since I got this baby and still have quite a bit of shadow left before I can break her in.