Format external hard drive to fat32 mac os x

Step 1: Download this software to your computer.

How to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32 in Mac OS X |

Then, you can open the software and input the license key to the pop-out window to get its Professional Edition. Step 2: If there is more than one NTFS partition, convert all of them one by one. By this way, you can easily format an external hard drive for Mac and PC without losing any data.

Then, you can share external hard drive between Mac and PC. Transfer Data out from External Hard Drive. You can choose to copy and paste those files to other external devices or internal hard disk of Windows, but it will cost much time. Instead, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition to create a copy for your external drive, which is faster. Free Download. Firstly, you need to delete the partition by using this software. Just open the software to enter its main interface. Then, choose the target partition and click " Delete Partition " from the left action pane.

After that, you should click " Apply " to keep this change.

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Secondly, the target partition will become unallocated. Here, you need to choose that partition and click on " Create Partition " from the left action pane. Thirdly, you will see a pop-out window.

Which format to choose?

At the same time, you can also set some other parameters for this partition, including " Partition Label ", " Drive Letter ", " Size And Location ". After that, please click on " OK ". Fourthly, you will go back to the main interface. Then, please click on " Apply " to save these changes. Step 3: Transfer Data back to External Drive. If you want to share files that you have backed up between Mac and PC, now please transfer these files back to external hard drive.

Just transfer all useful files out from the external hard drive to other devices on Mac.

How to FORMAT external Hard drive to FAT32 w/ Mac. EASY!

Of course, if you have a backup already, ignore this step. Some people may ask why create such partitions on Windows rather than Mac. Please skip to Solution 1: If there is no file saved on your external hard drive, how to make external hard drive compatible with Mac and PC? Please download and install this program on your Windows computer to format an external hard drive for Mac and PC. Firstly, open the software to enter its main interface as follows. If there are multiple partitions on the external disk, please select the disk and click " Delete All Partitions " feature instead.

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After that, an unallocated space will be released. Secondly, you can create one or more FAT32 partitions in unallocated space. Select the unallocated space and choose "Create Partition" feature from the left side.

Step 1. Extract/Backup USB data before formatting

Meanwhile, you can set properties for this new partition and click " OK " to go back to the main window of Partition Wizard. Solution 3: Connect the USB flash drive to your Mac computer. Select your USB flash drive on the sidebar, choose Erase. Then click Erase. You can reuse it for saving data again. Connect your USB flash drive to your Mac computer. Wait for the process to complete and after this, you can type: Only the entries got removed, being marked as empty on devices.

How to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32 in Mac OS

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