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I upgraded to Mac OS X The error is:. Yes I am answering my own question, I spent 4 hours searching and messing around and figured I would post this to help someone else The answer is that it is possible to get it working, you have to reinstall java and safari from snow leopard. Instructions below, taken from this discussion: I was able to solve this with the help of my IT department. Since Apple doesn't support Java any more we need to figure out a few things.

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First ensure that you have the latest version of Java down loaded for the Mac. After you do that you will need to follow these steps. Open your system preferences in the top left corner and go to the Java tab and select view. There you will find the version of the Java and it will already be selected or checked. If so go over to the Security tab and unselect the Enable Java content in the browser and then reselect this item.

The IT person said this does something but I didn't notice anything. Then Proceed to JavaTester. You may have to refresh multiple times to eventually see your Java Version show in the pink box in the center of the screen. After you have see your version you may have to locate your Network connect and uninstall this.


Once you remote in you will automatically reinstall network connector application and you should no longer get the Java coco error message. I also noticed that the alias for the "JavaPluginCocoa. It should be pointed out that Java works perfectly fine in Safari 5. X or The issue here is that Juniper runs a version check, and it's specifically looking for this plug-in name before allowing you to continue.

We've opened a case with them, and they're "looking at the issue. No ETA on a fix from Juniper, but it's hard to believe that they weren't playing with developer previews of this software.

Page content loaded. Jul 21, 4: I am seeing this after installing Safari 5. If anyone has a solution, please let us know,. Jul 22, 8: Jul 22, 9: I can confirm it's related to Safari 5. I copied Safari 5. Jul 22, I also have this problem, I have copied 5. Seems like a lion problem not supporting. Jul 23, Yes, you are correct as I was able to confirm that Safari 5.

How to Run Java in Unsafe Mode for macOS | Barracuda Campus

So it appears to be a Safari 5. Jul 23, 5: If Apple tech support is listening, perhaps you could check into this case and see if you ditched the plug-in prematurely. If I have to wait for Juniper to release a fix and then for my IT to implement it. Well I have even more grey hair than I have now.

Jul 25, 1: Jul 25, 7: Jul 26, 6: Get a copy of Safari 5. Via the Terminal rename Safari to, say, "Safari 5. Now drop your Safari 5.

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You should now be able to use it alongside Safari 5. Jul 26, 7: Juniper has updated their KB with these articles.

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While not very helpful, it does at least indicate that they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution:. Jul 26, I tried this on two different Macs, but it did not work. Have you tested this? The issue is not so much with Safari, but with changes to the Java plug-in components.

How to install Java JDK on Mac OS X ( with JAVA_HOME )

It just so happens that these changes are brought down with the Safari 5. Jul 26, 3: Following some other suggestion found on the Internet, [on my That installed a non functional version of Safari 5. I then installed Safari 5. Jul 26, 4: The pacifist method works for SL but I have not found anything for Lion.

I am able to get 5. I just got SAM running under Lion.