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Freddy must take part in numerous tasks such as mixing the right amount of chemicals to create the requested prescription remedy and lab equipment. He also must deal with various dilemmas taking part in town such as a gas leak aka all the town's horses with explosive flatulence, a snail stampede, a diarrhea epidemic and an abandoned building fire that might spread through the entire town. He must use found objects and pharmaceutical skills to solve these problems.

Eventually, he regains his gunslinger status and apprehends a poker cheater and neutralizes a group of rowdy cowhands with a canister of laughing gas. Soon, he is confronted by Kenny the Kid and in the ensuring duel, has his ear shot. Assuming that Freddy would die of blood loss, Kenny reveals his affiliation with Penelope Primm, the one who was attempting to buy out Coarsegold for the oil rights.

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

Freddy staunches the bleeding and recovers enough strength to enter the schoolhouse, only to find Penelope packing up. Penelope shows her true colors by aiming a Derringer at Freddy and ordering him to drop his gun holsters. Freddy complies, only to grab a slate to block the bullet that Penelope fires. Penelope then responds by throwing her gun at Freddy, knocking him out, and tying him in the basement and setting it on fire. Freddy escapes the basement and confronts Penelope in a swordfight. Freddy prevails but Kenny reappears and realizes Freddy's true identity, only to be killed when Freddy tosses his sharpened silver ear at his throat.

Freddy Pharkas – Frontier Pharmacist for Mac

Freddy then leaps out of the schoolhouse before it, along with Penelope, is consumed by an explosion from the fire set in the basement. However, the game's original intent may have instead been to portray Zircon Jim as Leisure Suit Larry's great-great-great uncle. Al Lowe has said that he considers Freddy Pharkas one of his funniest games. He gives a good deal of credit to Josh Mandel , who co-wrote the game, as well as some of the songs including the opening and closing ballads. Mandel had explained in a commentary the reason why there were so many more jokes in the Floppy Disk version as compared to the CD-ROM version of the game, "I had co-designed, directed, produced, and written the floppy version; there were no plans at all, at the time, to produce a CD version.

When sales of the floppy version justified a CD version, I was no longer available to produce and direct it, having by then started on SQ6. Al Lowe was then tapped to do the casting and recording of the CD version, but the game already had so much text in it that, when it came time to record the inventory text, Al just stopped—he was, he said, tired of sitting in the sound studio.

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Lowe admitted that his goal was to make a comic western game in the vein of Blazing Saddles. Freddy Pharkas definitely contains its share of scatological humor: As a form of copy protection , the player must concoct prescriptions for Freddy's patients using recipes found in the user's manual. An incorrect prescription will result in the customer returning angrily, but does not end the game. Charles Ardai praised the game in Computer Gaming World in , stating that " Freddy Pharkas is the Blazing Saddles of computer games", with better humor and puzzles than the Leisure Suit Larry series and which "can make a jaded player laugh out loud frequently".

He wrote that although "satirizing the Wild West is by no means a new idea", the developers "manage to find new jokes to crack and new ways to crack old ones According to Al Lowe , Freddy Pharkas "sold well into six figures. This new edition "sold well for two years", and drove the game's lifetime sales to , copies.

Lowe remarked, "It turned out to be quite a successful game and probably should've had a sequel, but because it took three years to get those big numbers, Josh had moved on by then and other things had happened, so it fell through the cracks. In , Adventure Gamers named Freddy Pharkas the 78th-best adventure game ever released.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Frontier Pharmacist ". Computer Game Review. Computer Gaming World. Archived from the original on 14 July The game works great in Crossover , so that program is advised to use.

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

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Ways to Die - Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

Play the game. EJECT the the dmg. How do I combine parts? If you try to run the games from the mounted image and not by installing them to your Application folder you will not be able to save. Game Videos: This is another game I havent heard of since two days ago. I remebered all about sierra games. Guest Dec 02 The CD demo contains speech and contains the section where you have to save Srini from the ants, while the disk version contains an original scenario that didn't make it into the final game.

Here, a bandit has holed himself up in a cave, and it's up to Freddy's knowledge of explosives to trap him. The town here consists of only a few screens, with many exits reminding the player that this is only a demo, but there's a lot of jokes, dialogues, and assorted stuff that makes it worth playing.

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It also provides you for something to do in the swamp, which is a mostly useless area in the full game. MrR Dec 05 I cannot seem to save my game- it states no room on c: I tried changing directories in a variety of ways, but no luck. Trying to find a way around this, but if y'all know a method, let me know.

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I am running it through boxer's dosbox. While I can no longer get full screen, at least I can save. It is an acceptable tradeoff for me. I did want to say though, that you guys rock for putting all these old games on here for people to play. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys must have put in. Thank you so much. Copy the game from the dmg to you application folder. Re-uploaded floppy version on this date.

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