What is the other category on my mac storage

It is worth noting that if you have not done a clean reinstallation of your Mac for a long time.

What is Other Storage on Mac and How to Remove It?

Then, as a result, some applications create huge folders of system files. To clear your disk you should reinstall these apps. You can do it with a special program App Cleaner. One of the features of App Cleaner is the possibility to delete service files only and launch any application as if it were the first time. It is possible that some of them are hidden.

In a recent article, we have shared 3 ways to find hidden files. However, for your convenience we recommend that you use a special app, Disk Expert , to scan your Hard Drive for the biggest files and folders and delete unnecessary ones quickly.

The app visually displays the disk space usage as a sunburst diagram and discovers the bulkiest content. Choose the method which suits you best, depending on which files occupy your disk.

What is Other Storage on Mac and How to Remove It?

You are here: Archives and disk images. If the movies are sitting in your trash can you need to empty the trash for them to delete. I have a a bit of an aversion to loading other apps when Macs normally look after themselves. I guess the app keeps a copy of everything I played using that app? After deleting those I had GB. Im running Yosemite on a late iMac 27 i have a 1tb fusion drive and i had gb free about a week ago, fast forward today and im getting Startup disk low error messages.

How to clean up “Other Storage” on Mac

I freed up about 20 gig from my downloads folder and after restarted my computer the drive says disk full once again. I repeated the deleting process til i removed about 70 gigs of data, and every time it resets to 0 free space. When i check storage usage it shows me 1tb in Other, and i cant account for any of these files. Have read all above and followed all the advice. Have searched file system by size, app, downloads, docs, movies and everything else I can think of. Anyone any ideas?

Have you tried rebooting the Mac? Thanks Jory.

What are “Other” files on a Mac and how to delete them?

Mac rebooted regularly and no change. OmniDiskSweeper just confirmed what I had already determined — will try DaisyDisk but think it will tell the same. This is obviously very high… Any thoughts?

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Does this include system and OS X content? According to my experience, other is just your stuff.

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I deleted a bunch of old Zbrush files and it cleared it right up after a restart. I noticed the phenomenon of disappearing hard drive space.

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I deleted extraneous stuff, and free space kept getting smaller. I used a 3rd party app called DiskDaisy, which if you run it in Admin mode, shows you something called Hidden or Purgeable Space—Time Machine cache files.

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