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With a Portrait template, new pages are automatically created as you add content. Your text automatically flows from one page to another. Choose a template Pages includes two categories of templates specially designed for creating EPUB books. To choose a book template: In the template chooser, scroll down to the Books templates.

What is a “pro writing app?”

Choose the template that's best for your content: For books that use mostly text, choose a Portrait template. In the exported EPUB book, text adjusts to different sizes or orientations of devices.

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Because of this, your book may look different from the original document when opened in Apple Books or other readers 1. For books that use a lot of images, or that format content in columns, choose a Landscape template. Landscape templates are exported to EPUB with fixed layouts.

How to format a book for print in MS Word: a step by step tutorial to book design

The layout is maintained in the exported EPUB book. The layout doesn't change depending on the size or orientation of devices.

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Create a book in Pages After you've picked a template, add text, photos, image galleries, videos, shapes, tables, charts, and your own drawings to your document. Choose from a variety of styles, like classic textbook, cookbook, or photo book, in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Headers and Footers

Drag and drop a Pages or Microsoft Word document to the Book pane to add it as a new section. Then, when you drag and drop in images, your text automatically flows around them. Add shapes, charts, tables, text, and widgets anywhere on the page with a single click.

  1. Create a booklet using a template.
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Now, with the ToC selected, switch to the Format inspector pane. Here, the Export Your Document dialog box comes up. Use the first page as the book cover image. You can add a custom image as your book cover with the Choose an image radio button.

Create a book in Pages

From the expandable Advanced Options section, you can pick a category and a language for your ebook. Now with one click of the Export button, our ebook is ready! Read More! Explore more about: Ebooks , Pages , Self-Publishing.

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