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What are the complete steps to publish app on Apple?

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How to create Distribution Certificate for publishing app on iTunes Connect? How to create Provisioning Profile for publishing app on iTunes Connect? How to create app on iTunes Connect? How to submit your app for Apple review? How to prepare your app on iTunes Connect?

If you received a Policy Violation email from Google Play citing Issue as "Violation of Malicious Behavior policy" then following is what you need to do: Why is Apple questioning whether the app and the content was submitted by me? What kind of documentation or proof of authority is Apple asking for?

Steps you should consider before you enroll as a developer in the Apple Developer Program. Show More.

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Our Media Partners. Rated 9. Application Loader is the app used to publish content you've created on the App Store. According to Wikipedia Stanza is no longer supported: I suggest considering Calibre. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Thilo Thilo 2, 9 29 Ingmar Hupp Ingmar Hupp 3, 3 17 Thanks for your spot response. M Nov 11 '11 at Thank you!

Neither Spotlight, nor Alfred can find it. Screenshot added to show my gratitude. None of the downloaded versions, nor the app returned from spotlight, allowed me to log in to what it calls 'itunes connect'. They all prompted 'invalid login'.

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Only the menu link from xcode, whatever it is, actually worked. I didn't find application loader anywhere, even in spotlight. You can open it through xcode.

NightFury NightFury 9, 6 53 You can download Application Loader from Itunes Connect. There is a Download Application Loader link at the bottom.

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Simon Epskamp Simon Epskamp 4, 1 35 I could reach the 3. Documentation says 3. Do you have a link leading to some landing page with the 3.