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Learn more. Tape transfer services. There are few services that allow you to ship your tapes to them, they capture the videos and send you a DVD or digital files to download. The two I would consider are iMemories they are the big boys, and used by Walgreens and Southtree. I recommend this service if you don't really use a computer, are less price sensitive because it can get expensive , trust delivery services and are willing to wait a couple weeks. It is designed to have no learning curve and handle quick import of many tapes and allow instant viewing and sharing of memories.

Also, if you've tried using iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro and can't figure them out or are unhappy with the import and cataloging features.

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Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut Pro X is iMovie's sophisticated big brother and is very similar in workflow and interface. I have used FCPX for a few years and love it for more sophisticated editing. However, it sounds like you don't have an Expresscard slot either. I don't have a good suggestion, other than finding a cheap used laptop that does either have a native Firewire port or an Expresscard. Thanks, johnmeyer.

I was afraid of that. Which leads me to the question: What the hell is USB 3. I suppose there's nothing left for me to do but hit up eBay for an old laptop.

iMovie for Mac: Import from tape-based cameras

I guess all of those converter or interface boxes Pinnacle, MovieBox, etc. FireWire barely existed as a built-in feature of Windows laptops. Buying a used Sony or HP laptop today is probably a bad bet: I've had some friends pick up older Toshiba laptops and install PCMCIA FireWire cards, but again you're gambling on laptops that weren't that well made to begin with, then throwing an adapter card into the mix. My suggestion to anyone needing to use a legacy FireWire device is hold your nose, look beyond reflexive Apple hatred, and just buy an old Mac laptop. Virtually all FireWire cameras, scanners, etc were designed with the Mac built-in FireWire spec in mind, so compatibility is a non-issue.

How to Import DV tapes to a Mac

Think of the Mac as strictly a capture device: Any white "consumer" MacBook with 13" screen circa or so will do the trick. You don't need the latest OS, either: Be sure the listing includes the AC power adapter as part of the deal and perhaps verify the USB ports are 2. - Plug-and-play FireWire

Old Macs always retain some minimal resale value, since somebody always needs one for precisely this type of FireWire project: One example here. Originally Posted by Topsy.

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Originally Posted by CubDukat. And unless you transcode your MiniDV footage to a different format while running it through the Moviebox, no further compression is done. It's just a straight transfer of bits. Originally Posted by orsetto. Originally Posted by JVRaines. Looks good and streams video to the computer via USB 3.

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My only concern is getting the pure digital video data to the device. My camcorder has two outputs: Got it! Shop now. Select your country. Available stores. Not available in your country.

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