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Since we added this game to our catalog in , it has managed to reach 52, downloads, and last week it gained 43 downloads.

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Its current version is 1. It's available for users with the operating system Windows XP and former versions, and it is available in different languages such as English, Spanish. About the download, WarHammer Dark Crusade is a game that will require less space than many games in the section PC games. Won't Work. It refuses to work. It keeps telling me the game isn't installed. What do you think about WarHammer Dark Crusade?

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  • Otherwise, great, fast running port! LillyOmegaWolf Aug 16 Have you tried fiddiling around with the graphics settings? Setura said: LillyOmegaWolf Sep 01 I find just turning off the setting that makes units appear from behind terain, unit occulation, I think it is making them appear in diffrent colours and the game run fine.

    More options with this patch for Dark Crusade

    All other setting I stick on max. And if you are on a mac with a resolution more than x then I recomend trying x in Dark crusade.

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    The game has been well tested on several macs with the nvidia m with no glitches. Have you updated to a newer version of Snow Leopard or lion yet? Does the same graphics glitch happen in both campain as well as other game modes like multiplayer? From the sound of things it reminds me of a graphics glitch one of my friends pc's had for a while with this game.

    Thanks for the reply again! I tried turning unit occlusion dissapear-behind-buildings thingy on and off, no difference both from the main menu, or from the in-game menu. So yep, still at Has anyone else had a similar problem though at this level?

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    And it occurs in both Campaign and Skirmish too. As for the Soulstorm wrapper, the graphics are perfect in that when trying to run Dark Crusade, but the campaign doesn't work I'd assume Soulstorm's would work fine, but I haven't got it to test and my mate doesn't wanna lend me it ;. Unit occlusion is on here, but it doesn't matter since the glitch remains anyway with it off Phew, I think my mind's pooped from learning how to use Picasa again: LillyOmegaWolf Sep 04 Google Picasa - to upload images ; it's a bit confusing for me, but it's convenient for all the google services I use. I might actually ask, did you have to do any tweaks to the wrapper to get the campaign working e.

    About This Game

    Maybe I could try updating the wrapper and see if it's just a compatibility problem with my setup I can't seem to get volumetric shadows either, but it might just not like the graphics card. The only other problem might be that to get this working first off in the Dark Crusade Wrapper, I have to run the graphics config in any form of wine, and then drag the folder back into the wrapper.

    LillyOmegaWolf Sep 06 I ported this years ago Since this wrapper is an old cider one I could try updating it to ciderX. Might make it run without glitches on your machine.

    To set up graphics I have always started up DOW then changed its deafault values to suit the mac it is running on. You should not need to run the graphics config from another wrapper I have found no diffrence to running or not running the graphics set up utillity. Dark Crusade.

    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade - The Porting Team

    New installer. Information This installer has been approved by the team. NSLW Licence: Dark Crusade" "THQ" "http: Message I feel that I have to contribute my moneys worth here, more so, because the Dawn of War Games, are the only games that I play these days, and so therefore, getting them to work on my Linux systems, is fairly important to me.