Install xdebug mac mountain lion

When you view http: This means PHP and Apache are now working. If you do not see a lot of information, you need to review the previous steps.

Installing and Configuring MAMP

PHPUnit , a member of the xUnit family of testing frameworks, provides an easy-to-use framework for testing and analyzing your PHP applications. Enter your administrator password if prompted and answer any questions that follow. You should be okay if you accept the default answers for each question. Now we need to add our custom pear install to our system PATH. Create or edit your bash profile in vi or TextMate:. Save the file and restart the Terminal application for this change to take effect. Next, we should verify that pear works. Run this command in the Terminal:.

This file does not exist by default on Mac OS X To create this file, run the following command in the Terminal:. Next, view http: PEAR is now installed. XDebug is an advanced debugging and profiling tool for PHP. It provides stack and function traces, memory allocation, profiling, code coverage analysis, and more. Go to this url in a Web browser:. Unarchive the downloaded file, and you should see a new folder like this:. This will open the destination directory in the Finder window. Drag xdebug.

You may be prompted for your administrator password. This directory will contain a directory named something similar to no-debug-non-zts Place xdebug. Finally, we need to tell PHP to use the xdebug. Append the following lines to the bottom of the file:. Ensure the path to xdebug. View http: If you find the xDebug section, XDebug is installed. Post any questions or comments below.

Xdebug setup on Mac OS (Lion)

I found a page on their main site that has remote debugger downloads but the version listed there only includes up to the 5. I then found my way into the ASPN area, but I do not see how to get to the ASPN-dedicated download page that you linked to; even a search on their site for the page title turned up nothing.

I would like to know how to navigate back to it in the future if needed I followed your instruction, and tried many variations found around the web as well, but nothing seems to work in loading xdebug with my php installation. I have no errors anywhere, it just doesn't appear in my phpinfo.

Configuring PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Xdebug for PHP development in MAC OS X

PHP Warning: Matt Are you sure you copied the correct version of the xdebug. There are specific pre-compiled versions for specific versions of PHP. This upgrades PEAR's installer among other things. From here you can install phpunit directly into PEAR's default location:.

And all is well with command lines, include paths and environment variables, so there's no need to change any of those. Great post, one small addition which i had to make in order for this to work: In the php.

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Thanks for this. Now Im running a home-brew compile, and I was concerned about how well if at all I could use supplied. My extensions dir was a slightly different path PHP 5. Off into debugging! Great tut!

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  5. Finally, we have to tell the IDE how to communicate with Xdebug. Start by setting up a new project. Once you have it set up, we will set up the debugger here. Your configuration should look something like this, where http: The browser should now open up http: To make sure the debugger is working properly, let's set a break point in index. Skip to main content Lullabot Homepage. But, you know what I mean. How to get Xdebug working again First, assumptions about your environment: You already had Xdebug setup and working on Snow Leopard before you upgraded to Lion. You had been and are continuing to use MacPorts.

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