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Censored -imac Not a directory Censored -imac Anyway, any fix to my problem? Because this only happens with certain jar files. It would be great if my problem could be fixed, jar files such as minecraft. Java 7 is only available officially for Mac OS There are unofficial distributions, but it would be wisest to simply update your OS if available.


I would have to pay at least 20 bucks to get it upgraded to the point where I CAN upgrade it to Yup, It's free, but a problem: Get java 7 via official or unofficial means. To do so, you can use this command:.

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As many files as desired can be extracted from the JAR file in the same way. When the command doesn't specify which files to extract, the Jar tool extracts all files in the archive.

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For example, you can extract all the files in the TicTacToe archive by using this command:. All rights reserved. Hide TOC.

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