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These instructions were tested on macOS Sierra v This topic contains the following sections: Install AppInspect in a virtualenv virtual environment Install prerequisites Install virtualenv and prepare a virtual environment Install AppInspect Install AppInspect without using virtualenv Install prerequisites Install AppInspect Install AppInspect in a virtualenv virtual environment Splunk recommends using virtualenv to create a virtual environment in which to install and use AppInspect. Open a Terminal window and enter the following command: Run the following command to install Xcode-Select: Install virtualenv: Create a new virtual environment by running the following command: You can use whatever name you want.

Installing lxml on Mac OSX () inside a virtualenv with pip | Louis Tiao

Activate and enter the new virtual environment by running the following command: Install AppInspect With the virtual environment activated, do the following to install Splunk AppInspect inside of it: To download AppInspect, you must first agree to the following: None of the above worked for me on It's interesting that some people needed to sudo the pip install while others didn't.

I had permission problems when running pip install directly, and had to sudo. I can only assume that I had installed something python-related as root in the distant past, which created certain system folders as root instead of as myself. This worked for me, I had just set up a new mac for work and even though i installed XCode, i guess it didn't install the command line tools? Anyway, running this, having it install the tools and then just rerunning 'pip3.

This worked perfectly on Yosemite in a virtualenv. I didn't need sudo though.

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  • NoachMagedman I'm installing into a virtual environment, so I cannot use sudo. If I used sudo, it would install it into my global python packages, which is what i'm trying to avoid.

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    • Cf stackoverflow. I solved this issue on Yosemite by running the following commands: I had enough of homebrew creating a tangled mess of things on my old system, so I vowed not to use it with my new Yosemite I already installed the whole Xcode package, so no need for xcode-select install for me.

      I downloaded the latest libxml2 and libxlst packages required for lxml , but before installing them I thought I'd check if Yosemite already has those files some where. I created a virtual env using virtualenvwrapper , and then I did pip install lxml , and lxml installed error free. I tested lxml by scraping google's home page, and that worked fine. With bash: OSX Hexatonic Hexatonic 1 6 This merely disables hard errors for unused arguments, which I've encountered during many other library compilations on OS X Mavericks.

      I've found it useful to add the line to my bash profile, so I don't have to look it up every time I encounter it: Adam Sheridan Adam Sheridan 2. Ryszard Cetnarski Ryszard Cetnarski 10 In my case, I must shutdown Kaspersky Antivirus before installing lxml by: Tho Tho I am using OSX I think a better approach to fix this is to install with the following command: Here's my solution, According to installing lxml from lxml. You may also need a compiler, to install XCode compiling tools, use xcode-select --install Firstly I updated my port to the latest version via sudo port selfupdate , Then I just type sudo port install libxml2 and several minutes later you should see libxml2 installed successfully.

      Now, just type pip install lxml , it should work fine.

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