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If it will work it will likely require something external to remap it's functionality. March 24, at 3: Bill said…. Bill R. August 2, at Bill R: Yup, it means that the number pad is just a number pad. August 3, at The keyboard that comes with the latest iMac looks very stylish and cool.

Sort of an expensive Swedish looking thing.

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 In-Depth Review

And the cords is only about 2 feet long. The guts of Macs are great, but the exterior is hardly functional for anyone except 2 Dimensional Man who sits with his face up against the screen.

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I bought a MS Thanks for the great hints The most irritating thing about the is that the 'numbers lock' reverts to unlocked when you "sleep" or shut down, and there's no way of setting the numbers lock to the locked position as the default. So I'm typing away, and I think I'm keying in numbers. I look up from my document to the screen and find the cursor off in left field with no numbers keyed in. I probably should have been able to come up with those solutions, but I didn't. September 25, at 2: October 18, at The space bar has been fine.

You can find these keyboards pretty easily online for a great price. I highly recommend them. October 18, at 2: David, bless you! I am now back to using my MS Natural on my new iMac. No more wrist pain; no more tiny keyboard to contend with. Have you figured out a way to make the computer sleep or shut down with a shortcut. November 3, at Bruce W: Glad to hear the hand pain is gone! That's the big advantage of these ergo style keyboards. I don't have a shortcut for Sleep or Shutdown; since I really only do that once a day I tend to grab the mouse and hit it from the Apple menu.

Thanks for the blog - very useful! MacOS In case anyone else feels the same and wonders as to other options: The reference to ControllerMate is much appreciated! November 5, at 1: Christopher said…. Great info, thanks. Has anyone tried some stickers to re-label the Windows keys? A google search for 'mac keyboard sticker' shows a whackload of vendors. While most are remapping to non-English keyboards, a few seem to have the various Apple keys. I like the idea of a 3M or Brother label, but I don't know if there's an opaque 3M sticker, and I don't want to buy a label maker just for one use.

Does anybody know where we can get black 3M stuff that can go through a printer? November 20, at If you find one that you like please drop a note here. I've yet to find a suitable way to handle this. November 21, at Justin said…. Today I started using the MS Natural Hope this helps. December 30, at 4: Unfortunately I still have some trouble with wrong key assignments Some keys swapped or not accessible with the AltGr-key-combination anymore, like e.

Highly annoying! I wonder whether this is caused by my German keyboard layout Any hints from you on this one? I love my MS Ergo and don't really want to give it up for the tiny iMac keyboard Greets, Marko. January 24, at 4: I suspect you are correct - it's the German keyboard layout that could be the problem. I haven't had an issue with the US layout I use. It does appear that MS has a German version of the keyboard driver. Did you try that one?

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Hi David, yes, I did. But unfortunately there is no way to make it work properly. I am pretty confused. Can't even find a tool to reassign the keys to the correct translations Would be quite a job to achieve this in any case. CAN'T imagine, that I am the only one with this problem. But thanks for the hint! Greets, Marko P.

Was surprised that I had to restart the computer after installation of these drivers. Seems to be a Microsoft thing January 24, at 9: Marcia said…. It is too old to use on my 27"iMac. I have been looking at the and wonder if you all have downloaded the printer driver update for Snow Leopard. Did it solve any of the problems? Thanks Marcia. February 12, at There is one heavily used item I have a ScanSnap scanner from Fujitsu that is not fully supported under Snow Leopard yet.

If so that would be good to know! February 13, at 9: David, I just installed it this morning. So far, it is ok on Snow Leopard. Haven't checked everything yet but will let you know if I find problems. February 23, at 1: Mike said…. David, I got the scansnap sm working on snow leopard. That being said, I remember reading about the incompatibility after upgrading, but it still worked. I've been looking at getting one of these keyboards, and this article and comments are very helpful. March 6, at 9: Awesome David for the information. But like the problem with the German keyboard, I use a Swedish keyboard and the changes are not sticking.

My 'control' button still doesnt want to do anything on the MS kb. Will keep looking for a solution. March 22, at 9: If you do find a solution please post it here in the comments. In looking at my logs this particular blog posts continues to get lots of hits every day so hopefully people will get the information they're looking for. Thanks for this great blog post!

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How do I get the END key to function? Also, how do I switch the Ctrl and Alt keys? I've played around with this for 2 days now and can't figure it out. July 23, at 1: The "end" key doesn't have a specific equivalent on Mac as it does in Windows. Well, not as a dedicated key anyway. Command-Right Arrow is the closest Ctrl-E works in some apps as well. Though I don't personally use it you may want to give textexpander a try; I've heard good things about it and there is a free trial. That said I wouldn't recommend doing that if you have switched to Mac. It's fine if you have to live in both Mac and Windows worlds all day but if you have switched it's much better to just adjust to the native Mac keystrokes.

This would include swapping the Ctrl and Alt keys, though you should be able to do that in the MS keyboard software. July 24, at 7: I have a macbook pro.

I'm currently using an older MS Natural Keyboard with it, but with no remapping. Since this is specific for laptops, but I use my macbook more often as a desktop than a laptop, is there a way to map the FN to something on a standard keyboard with no extra buttons. If not, since I'm thinking of upgrading to the anyway, is there a way to map a key on the to be the FN key? July 27, at 4: Bob and Janene said…. Just installed the keyboard on my Mac but have a question. The Show All Click of the mouse no longer reduces all the windows to thumbnail size on the desktop, so I can switch screens easily.

Any one know how to get this feature to work? January 31, at 9: Ergonomic Chair said…. Same here.. I am a fan of anything ergonomic.. June 25, at To expand on some previous comments about using the keyboard with a Mac, I suggest doing the following: Open Microsoft Keyboard, and select Options.

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To make your keyboard act like a Mac keyboard, check the first box, to Swap the Windows and Alt keys. Oct 10, 1: Oct 11, 8: Oct 13, 8: Oct 13, Oct 14, 7: Thank you so much for this workaround! Oct 14, 8: SIP is a very good idea, so I give credit to Apple for taking OS security very seriously, and not waiting until something major happens before doing anything about it.

MS has twiddled their thumbs over this software for years. Now they have to do something about it so it works as it should and not the user having to juggle things around to get it to work. We were fortunate it worked at all. User VikingOSX actually kind of gave me the idea. He mentioned to someone else to try this little trick to get drivers installed for some expensive software that wouldn't work under El Capitan. I installed El Capitan over Yosemite today for no reason other than to get a Recovery partition on the drive, then restored Yosemite back to that partition. In the process, El Capitan is supposed to from what I've read leave such older drivers installed and working.

IntelliType was dead after the install was complete. So I would expect that in the future if a user reinstalls El Capitan over itself, or applies the full installer of an update, like Then you'll have to go through this whole thing again to get it working. Or HA HA! Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Sam Combs Sam Combs.

Using Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard with Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11)

Desktops Speciality level out of ten: More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Bill audio guy Bill audio guy. The Number keypad was fixed by a Logitech specific command: Furthermore, installing the wrong Microsoft drivers can make these problems even worse.

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If you are inexperienced with updating Microsoft device drivers manually, we highly recommend downloading the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard Driver Utility. This tool will download and update the correct Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard driver versions automatically, protecting you against installing the wrong Natural Ergonomic Keyboard drivers.

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