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Using a Windows PC Keyboard on Mac with Remapped Windows & ALT Keys

As such, she is dead set on wanting a keyboard that feels like the apple keyboard but does not have a command key I know, I tried to persuade her into trying a mechanical keyboard but no dice. It also needs a number pad. All the rigs I have built have to do with gaming, so I have no knowledge of such a keyboard. Any help would be much appreciated! Oct 19, 8, 0 46, 2, There's a few logitec chiclet keyboards, though none have a number pad.

I also own a compact Apple wireless BT keyboard -- which worked fine. However, it was a pain to switch BT connection between my personal and work macbooks on the fly. Seemingly required power cycling of the keyboard, etc and it's a few minute process. Since the keyboard sits on the desk and plugs into my big monitor it does not need to be wireless -- just smaller! I purchased the Macally as it was small and cheap and USB. My only complaint was that it lacks the solid feel of the Apple aluminum body keyboards. I'll probably I got this for my wife for a gift and she has been going crazy-go-nuts over how much she loves it for several days.

I'll give a quick break down for people who are shopping.

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We hooked up an iPad mini, and two cell phones both android in less than 3 minutes. It's that easy. Just activate your Bluetooth on your device, search for devices, select the K, type the verification code in on the keyboard, and you're up. It actually works as simply as it sounds. In all the devices we hooked up, we just turn the 3 way toggle and it automatically switches to that device, takes away the "on device" keyboard, and you start typing on that device.

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You can switch between devices on the fly, which takes like I got this to finally replace my bluetooth mac keyboard that's been performing poorly. The look is super in line with the mac product. The only issue is the silver is plastic and has a touch of flex when pressed directly. Otherwise it has been working wonderfully. Here's a good protective case: This is a revision of my earlier review of this product.

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I really like this keyboard. I purchased it to use with my Apple iPad Mini 4, replacing the Apple wireless keyboard which I did not find anywhere near as comfortable to use. I had also tried out [[ASIN: Anker's keyboard is my third try. It's well-built, has a great form factor, and provides by far the most pleasant typing experience so far from an ergonomic standpoint , comparing favorably with some of the best desktop and laptop keyboards that I've used. Originally, I experienced significant problems with the keyboard I received, and this was reflected in my original review.

Wireless Keyboard Mouse, Jelly Comb 2. Very similar to the feel and comfort of Apple's Magic Keyboard 2 at half the price " - by Shaun. They proactively reached out and wanted to address the issue I had experienced. They were very positive and wanted to quickly resolve any concern I had. I was very impressed with Jelly Comb's customer service, and because of that, I will look for their products in my future purchases. Thank you, Jelly Comb! I use this keyboard for my professional work.

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  8. I write code for about 10 hours a day and with the lower profile, it is easier on my wrists and feels more natural. My other personal computer is a Mac and I use the Magic keyboard 2. This keyboard by Jelly Comb is very similar with both the keys and thin profile of that.

    Keyboard that is similar to Mac for PC

    I enjoy that there is minimal depth in the keys, allowing me to type and move Downey, CA United States. Super easy to use and works well. This gave me an affordable alternative.

    GIGASTYLECOLLECTION NEXTGEN Style Player + Keyboard Styles Library for Mac & PC

    Also like the small portable size. Wireless Keyboard Mouse, Sanhoton 2. Absolutely in love with this keyboard and mouse set!!! I have had no problems using it in my office and I love how the keyboard feels and how responsive the mouse is. The only thing I wasnt expecting was how small the keyboard is but it didn't take long for me to get use to it.