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Watch us: MacOS HighSierra ready! If you are new to drum pattern programming, this is really hard to beat pu-pu-pun not intended. If a rhythm pops into my head in the middle of work, this is that app I launch rather than Ableton Live or GarageBand. If I am in my living room, I launch the iPad version, out and about, the iPhone version. I highly recommend it, but it really needs to have an AU version on Mac and iOS for it to play well with other apps and be integrated into my music making process.

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I originally also wrote, "Project files should be transferable between the Mac and iOS versions. There is no way should this app be an Editors Choice.

DM1 - The Drum Machine (Mac) - Download

I wanted to use this app to trigger a physical drum machive via midi, but the midi setup panel does not work at all. Why is it a midi router?

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No idea. In my case, this is a midi port in the middle of a midi interface that has 8 inputs and outputs. The app does not display the correct port name, and there is no way to change these fields to other midi inputs or outputs.


This app should only have one midi input port that it accepts input from, and one midi ouput port that it sends output to, and those should be selectable, and the app should remember the chosen settings. DM1 has an impressive collection of sounds. It is easy to make fun grooves in standard time-signatures.

So it is basically just truncating the pattern length with no actual triplets. This is a considerable oversite since you might like to have a groove with actual triplets in it. Would love to see this app evolve into a more rhythmically versatile machine.

Mac App Store Preview. Mis mejores deseos. Mike Leviathan. This is best program I luckily stumbled upon that does exactly what I was looking to do. I am using it to program drum patterns and practice exercises. Works awesome for that. A great supplementary tool.

Easy to use drum machine for Mac

Handy, quick and easy also for inputting tab to see if it sounds right or remotely close. Can suit these purposes for other instruments as well I suppose. I love just automating a practice routine as a song and it takes itself through different patterns and tempo changes which is real handy. I wish it had a couple of features, but I make do making simple scripts to auto edit the XML files like doing mass bpm changes.

Sucks when you mess those XMLs up trying to manually edit.

Volko Alaturka Drum v1.2.4 VST AU Win + Mac OSX / Free Download

There is a reason I avoid data entry work but I have the structure pretty well learned. I am impressed, it is perhaps the best drum machine I've experienced. Happy, the beta version is available for Windows too.

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Your hardcore loop machine.

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