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He set it up from beginning, he was trying for a big contract, day we were going to meet, he had to pack because he was leaving in 2 days time to go to Cyprus This guy is calling me from a local number He has a health condition which will require a special medical flight home I have called him a liar, I have told him GOD may strike him for swearing he will pay me back. I even asked him how long was he going to continue this farce? Today I shall tell him I will loan him the money. So, I will begin recon on this house to figure out, just how they are involved.

I have an ear for accents and dialects This person is Nigerian. So whomever is writing responses from the FTC on this site, better contact me before I get to these people The guy I was talking to is also located in Cyprus or near Cyprus. The number he called me from originally was New York and then business took him to Turkey.

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I am wondering if he is the same person using a different name. Is he bald, blue eyes and has a possible french accent. He sent me pictures of him wearing a cross. I also got a picture of him and his daughter. I would like to communicate with you because I think we might have the same guy. From what I'm reading regarding scammers they change some information out and are even able to get overseas phone numbers. I also feel the same way, he is still denying the truth and parts of me still wants to believe he is telling the truth. However, all the red flags are there. I asked to see a copy of his U.

I told him that this is another sign that he is a scammer. I don't know if we are allowed to talk to each other via email or phone. I will hopefully, get the response via this comment if we can communicate if it is O. Take care. I was talking to a guy for the last 45 days, goes by the name Chris Morgan. Says his daughter is in the hospital and needs surgery right away.

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He has sent me pics of himself and his 2 children, several times. I would like to know if he has a daughter and son. The guy that I have been talking to in the last 4 months has tattoo on one of his arms saying Daddy loves you Taylor his son's name is Blayne tattooed on the other arm, a tattoo above his belly button and the name Jenni tattooed on his right rib cage.

Please contact me at. Just to see if it's the same guy. Do u have any pics?

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I think I have the same friend. I know he is a scammer as I've done much research on him. Says he is from Utah. Traveling now to Malaysia on business. I'm just waiting on the "send me money" request. I did a image identity search and that came up as someone else and when I checked his fb page, there was a comment about his photos were being used by someone else. The person who I'm talking to goes by Robert L Neufeld. I have 3 phone numbers he gave me. Claims he lives in Salt Lake City. Has a 8 year old daughter. Has sent me pics of him and daughter, but they are pics of the person and daughter whose pics were stolen.

Do you think this may be the same person? Update on Neufeld. This was very interesting. When I would not give him money, he closed his FB account. I have been watching for him to come on as a new person and sure enough, yesterday, he started building a account.

Free makeup scam spreads rapidly across Facebook

Guess what, that is what I am. He is raising money for the Indonesian Red Cross. Today that has changed and he is raising money for Asia, Manchester and Jamaica. I'm amazed at how many identities this man has, however, most of them have the same city, state. Utahn, Utah. I just got an invitation to connect with a Scott Williams, that when you google his name, is also a known scammer. Suddenly that request has been taken down. I'm wondering if they are not all connected. Please be careful. You can always copy their photo and do a google image search. Beware of those named Robert L Neufeld.

I find they have used different variations of the name. Thank goodness I did my research. Roxie, thank you for the tip to look for the scammer by copying photo in Google. It work. I found my scam there and I was surprise to read how many names he has: I was in one piece. He is a great lover. He has the same story: He is a huge scammer. I have been getting money requests from a guy named Mac Wood.

He wants MoneyGram sent to him because he says he is stuck there. Has anyone heard of him??? I got a friend request on Facebook and accepted it. We started messaging back n forth for 2 days. He said he lives in New York, but will not say where. He says he is in business in London. He had his friend call me on private number and in a threatening manner. Both asked for bank acct, didn't give them one because I don't have one.

The one that called wanted PayPal passwords. I didn't give it to him. Threats of hurting my family and the guy said he knows where I live. I blocked the guy on Facebook and phone number. I do not know what to do. Hello im in the same situation I met a guy in a dating site saying he is deployed in nigeria and looking for a wife I gave him my email and yes he sent photos there and I gave my whatsapp number..

I said I will send when I go home Pls help I need answer. If you give someone your name, your bank's name and your account number, it is possible for him to take your money. If someone asks for your bank account number and says he will put money in your account, he might take your money instead. Yes dear,I had the same thing happen to me. You ask about help. I am looking at photos on the internet. You can do a photo search that will pull this man's pic up for you. I'm doing it mainly to let this man know his I. It would how ever be such a remarkable thing if I could end up meeting with the real man and him not be married but if he is, So be it.

I'll still be happy. Can you tell me what site you use to do a photo search. I became Facebook friends with someone who started messaging me. His Facebook is sketchy with few pics and only a couple likes from other single females spread throughout US. He also sent me a couple pics from there but no way to tell for sure if it is him or someone else's pictures from Facebook. Would love to do a photo search.

Just curious what this guys name is that friended you on Facebook? It sounds exactly like the guy that I've been emailing and messaging..! A few pics from him, but he has no friends on Facebook and never posts anything.. Very skeptical.. Yep me too I have figured out the same thing u can tell how established they are by lots photos and friends but not always I had a supposed to be military had two accounts. He also said his dad died in Army and mother killed in auto accident on her way for vacation to Italy and he was an only child.

He never asked for money because he knew I was on to him. I really liked him and much older so I said he could be my Godson and so it was we discussed the Bible and he told me how much he loved me an wanted to meet me and be a part of my family. I texted him fb and told him I found out he has lied to me haven't heard from him since I outsmarted him and some others who were scammers and now I won't accept friends unless I know of them or know them especially men all this fairytale love at first sight is bogus as I have always said u have to meet and spend time together to find out about them so don't let go of ur money if they need money u don't need them.

Have you heard this name used before? Where do you go to a photo search to check out the guy that started chatting with me from the online dating website I was on. He only had 1 pic on the website but when I asked for more pics of him Kind of late for your request but you go to Images. I am going to try some others, now.

Don’t Be Fooled: The Mac App Store Is Full of Scams

Ya the samething is happening to me i met this Nigerian on this dateing sites but what i found weird was that when i want back to the dateing site her profile was gone. It is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment. The Federal Trade Commission Act authorizes this information collection for purposes of managing online comments. For more information on how the FTC handles information that we collect, please read our privacy policy. This is a moderated blog; we review all comments before they are posted.

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    Search form Search. Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. July 15, by Aditi Jhaveri. They ask you to: Tagged with: Blog Topics: Comments Onechance22 February 20, reply. If a scammer wants to send stolen money, he looks for someone to do the dirty work. Rosie April 4, reply. Angels April 11, reply. Tonychavez May 18, reply. That sux. Mel88 February 23, reply. Wow this sounds famiar. Nick juarez sound famikia? Winnie January 25, reply. I have been talking to a person Nick Juarez in Nigeria.

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    Supposedly from Houston. Winnie February 1, reply. He's a scammer. Lynnie March 3, reply. Don't use your September 8, reply. Can't believe t September 24, reply. Carolsue October 28, reply. November 3, reply. Christine December 29, reply. Life July 4, reply. Bewildered July 26, reply. Clean up Africa! March 4, reply. Latouya boone March 14, reply. Same Here July 5, reply. Kansas August 17, reply. Ms MD September 26, reply. GotMe March 20, reply.

    The situation you describe sounds like a romance scam: These Binary Option schemes claim to have the secret to getting rich from certain stock investments. However, financial experts say unregulated investment platforms like this are more like a form of gambling and not actual investing. Many of these work-from-home posts are just scams, trying to convince users to open an account with a specific broker. The person who created the post on Facebook gets paid a commission when they get new users to sign-up.

    The problem with these ads is many people believe they are real business models because Facebook allows them on your News Feed. Once Facebook shows you a targeted ad, it should be safe to assume it's not a scam.

    Federal Trade Commission

    However, that doesn't seem to be the case. As long as the ad isn't promoting an illegal venture, it can make it through the vetting process. If you see a targeted ad promoting a get-rich-quick scheme, your best move is to just pass it by. Remember, there really isn't a way to beat the system. One scam that you might see posted on your News Feed, or as an email in your inbox, is actually a phishing attack.

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    How the scam works is, the victim receives a message warning them that their Facebook account is going to be disabled. The reason is that someone has reported the account as violating Facebook's terms of service. The message then says if you are the original owner of the account, you need to re-confirm its details to avoid having it blocked.

    If you do not click on the link within the message, Facebook's system will block your account and you will never be able to use it again. If you do click on the link you will be taken to a fake site that is designed to look like a Facebook login page. Once there, the victim types in their credentials and the cybercriminal steals them. Believe me, nothing good will come from that. Facebook users are receiving messages that appear to be from one of their friends.

    In the message, the "friend" says that there is a video of you on YouTube that has gotten a huge number of views. They also provide you with a link that you can click on to watch the video. In fact, there really isn't a video at all. The link is malicious and if you click on it, you will end up on a fake website. The fraudulent site actually looks like a Facebook login page and claims that you must re-enter your credentials to view the video. That's how the scammers get you. If you give scammers your username and password, they can take over your account and use it for malicious activity.

    People on your list of friends will start receiving these types of scams from YOU. The fraudsters could end up turning this scam into a more serious threat as well. Instead of just stealing your credentials, they could turn the malicious video link into any number of attacks, for example, ransomware. Being able to spot a phishing scam will help you avoid becoming a victim of one.

    Here are some suggestions that will help:. The post claims that doctors are telling patients that the pill contains the "Machupo" virus and is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. Now, we're not talking about a computer virus here, we're talking about a virus that a human would contract.

    Not only is this message showing up as a post in users' News Feeds, but some are even receiving it as a message from their contacts in Facebook Messenger. The warning is not real. It's intended to scare people so they share it with everyone on their contacts list. Noor Hisham Abdullah commented on the warning and said the Machupo virus is not able to survive in a dry environment like one of these pills. He also said this virus is spread through rat urine or feces and the public should not believe warnings like this posted on social media.

    If you ever have concerns about taking medication you should consult your physician. If you see a post like this in your News Feed, it's a good idea to report it to Facebook. That could help stop it from going viral. Here is how to report a post:.