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Happens all; the time with hardcore cooling fans attached to video cards - sucks though.

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From the Apple website: This is just perfect, and I started this thread to ask if anyone has set this up yet. Still waiting..

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The bigger question is, does PT run on the new machines at all no Avid support yet. So 3 monitor outs with three slots still available is a magic combo for me - I'm pretty sold on that! It might be awhile before Avid officially qualifies them Maybe the person to take the plunge is, in fact, you? A purchase here is probably a month or two out.

All new displays support this connection and it's far better than DVI. According to Apple, not because of the higher resolutions they support, but because they are "active" adapters. See these apple knowledgebase articles.

Mac Setups: Mac Pro with Three Displays

Supported display configurations http: All three ports are available for simultaneous use, depending upon the type of connection. To connect up to two Mini DisplayPort displays and up to a inch DVI display simultaneously, use the ports without any adapters. All other configurations are supported. However, you should use only dual-link adaptors also known as "active DisplayPort" adaptors with multiple display configurations. If you use three displays, you should connect at least two of them with a Mini DisplayPort.

Display adapters whether they're made by Apple or a another manufacturer should be connected directly to the display and the video card.

Mac Pro with 3 displays, experiences? [Archive] - Avid Pro Audio Community

You should not "daisy chain" or otherwise connect a secondary video adapter to them. For details on the default configurations as well as available options for custom configurations, please refer to the Mac Pro specs section of EveryMac. For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac.

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