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VNC - Forward to: Web Server - Forward to: Torrents - Forward to: If you happen to own your own domain name you can avoid having to type in those ugly URLs blah. Simply open or create an. Now when you type in yourdomain. You should do the same if you want the capabilities listed here. Type in:. You can see a guide to setup secure screen sharing in OS X here.

Image via Flickr ]. Thanks again Jordan! We got this awesome submission from a reader who found the following content originally on the social sharing site Reddit. Thank you to Derek Lee for the submission, and a special thanks to Jordan at Shift Creative for the guide and permission to republish! Enjoy this tip?

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Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I have a Mini sitting around gathering dust since upgrading to my lovely iMac… bookmarked for reading later, looks like a good weekend project: D thanks!

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For torrents, just have Transmission watch a folder in your dropbox for new torrent files, you can add a torrent into that folder from any computer that is synched to your dropbox. Works a treat. The remote access function in Transmission allows you to control your torrents remotely. I also use Sabnzbd for remote Usenet access — I find Usenet download speeds are generally much quicker than torrents.

Great article. I have a very similar setup, however I wish there was a way to make the torrents expand to the playable format instead of an archive zip file for example so you can just fire up FrontRow and watch the movie just downloaded. I can do this, but only when the torrent is an AVI or Quicktime or such… any suggestions welcomed. Links Comments 0 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback […]. Of course if […]. Cool guide dude!


You should check out applemediacenter. Plug in one HDMI cable and start […]. Does anyone know of a good TV? But, the top and bottom of the display is chopped-off. Videos and audio is working really well.. I wanted to make my setup more friendly to the average cable viewer in order to entice them to cancel their cable so I searched for a bluetooth powered program to run a remote.

I ditched my cable service a year ago and went with a Mac Mini to access all the content I was missing, and I just did a series of blog posts on the whole process. If anyone is interested in a beginners guide to getting started with this, you can find it on my site here: Ill have out wireless internet hooked up soon. However having read a few Mac mini media articles, maybe the Mac mini is the right road to go down. The Mac mini would […]. Great article, but I want to remove the big sound system. Does anyone know of some in-ceiling speakers that will connect directly to the mini without an amp?

They plug straight in. Do you have any hint about how to extend this to display content on a second TV wirelessly? It is my understanding that the new apple TV will only let me do that with content inside iTunes. Fire up that Mac Mini media center and start […]. And everyone should try Sofa Control app whenever you have a mac mini as media center… Well try it cause you can run your machine without mouse only the iRemote: If you happen to have a Mac Mini, turning it into a media center is also a great […]. If you use the mac mini as described, could you also connect a NAS to the mini as storage for all of your photos, movies, music, etc?

We have a macbook pro and numerous seagate external drives that store all of our content. Could it be an overscan issue? This would be particularly cool to run on a Mac Mini media center if you have […]. I found your site is very well ranked on bing i was wondering if you could give a few tips.. I still cant get over how amazing of a writing style you have.

Mac Mini Media Center

For a long time me and my associates have studied this exact field! If you get the eye tv by elgato you can watch everything live and use your mini as a dvr. Great for watching live sports in hd. I use an antenna so its free but you can plug in your cable box into the tuner to record everything. You can also set plex up to watch your dvr recordings.

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Personally I have tried Plex on my Mac Mini as my media server but had endless problems with audio sync and compatibility with HD videos. I installed Boxee as an experiment and it worked flawlessly. If you read the Plex forums, there are hundreds of posts about problems, and endless beta versions etc. I product aimed at ease of use like Boxee and because some people pay money for it would not survive like that so this should mean fewer problems.

It would be a fully functional computer through your media system. Similar to this. We would have to download some additional media systems Plex, Boxee — media database […]. If the simple guide is too basic for your needs, you can go all out and setup an advanced Mac Mini media center and torrents box that can remotely download new media from another Mac or even your […].

Nice post!

How to setup a Mac Mini Media Center, server, and remote torrents box

I took the process down in my blog as well. For additional points, install Automatic from CodingCurious. It allows you to subscribe to shows, then scans the EZTV RSS feed for new episodes and automatically downloads the torrent files and hands them over to Transmission. Set up rules in Transmission to send each show to a different folder ready for Plex to scan. Just wondering, is it possible to set up a system like this and be able to remotely access media from other computers?

Roku player. You set it up and it will connect to your network via your wireless router. Then install the plex app on it and you can watch everything you have on your mac mini downstairs on your tv upstairs. Hardware […]. Is there any more in depth tutorials about the domain stuff? And the dyn-dys stuff?

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Following the below guide you will be able to do the following with a Mac Mini: Enter your email address below: Posted by: Penguino says: March 22, at Jordan Little says: Mike says: March 22, at 1: Rodriguez El Bacon says: March 22, at 3: Grum says: March 22, at 4: March 22, at 6: March 22, at 7: Ed says: March 23, at March 23, at 1: March 27, at 5: March 30, at Can my Mac play HD video content? March 31, at 7: Matt says: April 9, at 4: Jackeline Hizkiya says: I can't seem to get the remote to control the Media Center macbook Posted on Oct 13, Oct 14, 6: There are purportedly some workarounds out there, but I've yet to find one.

As a result, you're probably out of luck if you were hoping to use a Media Center remote or something that emulates that. Oct 14, 7: That works like a charm for me. Make sure your IR receiver has line of site to where you'll use your remote, and of course set up your Harmony to work with Media Center. I use this receiver with my Mac Mini: Page content loaded. Oct 14, 8: Great info. I just ordered one.

I'm going out of town for a week. It will be here when I get back, and I'll post an update!

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