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Thanks for a great article. I have been using this program http: Pois eu utilizei mas estou com um pouco de receio. Entenda como funcionam os processos de captura, armazenamento e compartilhamento de dados. Carrinho vazio. Baixe o ebook: Teresa disse: Netscan Digital disse: Marcus Coelho disse: Priscila Santana disse: Wilson Roberto disse: Laura L. Savage disse: Lilian disse: H Jan 25 '11 at I went back and looked at my solution a little more in detail. I hope this is more helpful. I completely forgot about the fdpi part this morning when I wrote this, its one small part of a pretty complicated PDF generator I wrote.

It makes it better to read i think. Below is the php PDF merge command. Sanjeev Chauhan Sanjeev Chauhan 3, 2 19 It worked for me without problems and without installing external libraries as FPDI or others. This solution worked best for me.

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It was very easy to install Ghostscript on my server. It was just "yum install ghostscript". I am getting a blank pdf page: You need Ghostscript installed, otherwise it fails silently. You should explain what it actually does. It actually is not really a php way to do the task, in php you only prepare data and then you execute a shell script, which does the actual task. Still i quite like this solution, as gs is included in Ubuntu by default i think, i did not have to install it.

AgelessEssence AgelessEssence 3, 3 28 Its also doesn't work with some types of compression on some PDF's.

I am getting "FPDF error: Unable to find xref table. It works but sometime shows error below FPDF error: The sample file three.

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Svetoslav Genov Svetoslav Genov 3 4. But then we got some strange metadata in the output PDF properties. Here's our class excerpt: Artur Karczmarczyk Artur Karczmarczyk 1 2. Just to mention, That I used the same code on Windows env. As expected it requires fpdf and fpdi libraries: Hi billynoah I like this but it does not work on landscape and seems to only merge the 1st pages.

GeraldoIsaaks - I subsequently added support for multipage documents in my own application.

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I've updated the answer. Not sure about landscape issues - I haven't run into that. What's butched on this examle which is available since the early days of FPDI? Setasign - I've never seen that but thanks for sharing. It got me started. I ended up using more of the code from the setasign example setasign. Their logic inside the addPage call made my particular concatenated pages look better.

But I didn't find the example with searches and didn't know I was interested till I saw your answer. Kevin Chui Kevin Chui 86 5. This gives Undefined index: This worked for me on Windows download PDFtk free from https: Paolo Stefan 6, 3 32 Stewart Kirkpatrick Stewart Kirkpatrick 11 1.

There is a PHP wrapper that makes this much cleaner.