Automatically shutdown mac after download

I use the shutdown feature in uTorrent all the time, especially useful for download those big files while I'm asleep! I use Simple ShutDown Timer to turn off my computer after a certain amount of time. For uploading or downloading anything, I use a low power Pogoplug running Transmission. Leaving my main desktop on drives my electricity bill through the roof.

Running my W computer is like burning eight 60W light bulbs at the same time! I liked the article very much as now I know a better way to shut down the PC after finishing downloads from all means but uTorrent. For any other purpose, the lightweight Chronoshutdown will do.

How To Auto Shutdown The Computer (or Firefox) after Downloads Complete

If you need the opposite, a nifty little program called 'coffee' will keep your machine awake even if the machine is idle. Chrono Shutdown looks good if you only want to set a timer and don't need any fancy features, thanks! Thanks for the tip Lisa. I use the built in option in IDM but didn't know I could have something that could do the opposite.

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I have tried to find the link to download 'cofee' but couldn't. Can you help? I'm really sorry. The name is 'caffeine'. Guess I drank too much coffee.

How to Automatically Shutdown Mac After Specified Time Using Simple Terminal Command

Since I can check whenever I want my PC's download status I don't worry too much about turning off my PC wright away next to downloading conclusion. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. This is kind of cool but I can't think of an immediate use for it.

How to put a sleep timer shortcut on your Mac desktop

Great article Chris. I try it.

How To Automatically Shutdown Mac After Downloading Has Finished

An easy way to do it is to type in command prompt: Thanks for sharing: Though I don;t download a lot from torrent, I keep it running unless a ration of 1 is reached. Don't underestimate the amount of people downloading files in their browsers!

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  • Automatically Shut Down Your Computer After Downloading Has Completed [Windows].

Yikes, good thing computer manufacturer's are focusing more on power efficiency! Step 2: Step 3: Search for Auto Shutdown NG , I found this extension as a great a utility to auto shutdown mac after download. Step 4: Step 5: Tap on Save. Step 6: Next time when you have to download anything, after download has started just tap this Shutdown icon next to the address bar.

Once installed, the auto shutdown software will add a power icon to the status bar.

Make your own shutdown timer

You can remove the icon if you desire, however it provides quick access to its options and can be used to enable auto-shutdown in a flash. You can use the built-in commands for basic needs like shutdown, hibernate, stand by, etc.

There are different versions of these commands for different version of Windows and Linux and Mac. Apart from the built-in commands you can do almost anything with Auto Shutdown. You can run any JavaScript code or any external application when the downloads finish or when the computer is idle while Firefox is downloading the files. To run custom commands or JavaScript code:. You can easily pass arguments to external applications and Auto Shutdown also provides you with certain reserved words that can be used in your scripts to refer to special locations and files.