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You may also share your songs with others via CD disc.

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Thanks, this is the best audio recorder I have ever used. Because of my job, I often need to record online radio onto my PC, and Streaming Audio Recorder helps me do this effortlessly. I give it my support, as always.

Auto-add ID3 Tags for Music Files

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I often use this program for Skype conversation recording, it is very simple to operate and the sounds are recorded in high quality. I'm very satisfied with your software! Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder. Download Buy Now. Reviews Download Video Guide. Record Any Audio in High Quality Do you wonder how to preserve a song from streaming music site for enjoying flexibly, record the narration during the meeting, record your own voice for making a live tutorial?

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  • How to Rip a CD with iTunes & Import MP3s on Mac & Windows;
  • How to Rip a CD with iTunes & Import MP3s on Mac & Windows?
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Output formats Input formats Devices. Auto-add ID3 Tags for Music Files Whenever you have recorded a song, there's no need to edit the information on your own — the program can help recognize information in terms of title, album, year, genre, artist and even cover. Convert Audio to Device Compatible Formats Need to listening recorded audio on your portable players? Provide More Practical Functions Making sure to meet different needs in audio recording, Streaming Audio Recorder comes with other effective features as below.

Record Online Radio Stations Perfect way for recording live streaming audio you hear from radio stations in all around the world. Search and Download Songs By inputting related key words, the built-in MP3 search engine will locate your wanted songs on the web. Transfer Audio to iTunes If you want to listen to recorded and downloaded music on Apple devices, the "Transfer Music to iTunes" function is the right option.

Edit Audio Easily The built-in audio editor offers lots of functions including cut, copy, paste, merge, mix and add effects to audio. Simplest Interface.

How to capture your Mac's audio for free

Why Choose Streaming Audio Recorder. Cindy , UK. As a quick side note, iTunes will default to import an audio CD using an MP3 encoder with high quality settings at kbps. Those iTunes import settings can be changed if necessary, to either raise or lower the quality and bitrate, or to change the import format from MP3 to M4A if desired.

Once the songs are stored in your iTunes library, you can do whatever you want with them. Enjoy your freshly ripped music! And if you have any questions or comments about using iTunes to rip CDs into mp3 format, let us know in the comments below. Enjoy this tip?

How to Capture, Save, Record or Download Streaming Audio for Free

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. The last time I ripped a CD from iTunes, it created all of the tracks with generic names like track01, track02, etc. Have they changed this feature to now put the actual song title of the track on the CD? Unless Apple sent the data to a server to identify each song, like Siri does, then there is no way to know what the CD is. Just label the songs yourself that you import from a disc, it is not a big deal.

You can edit the iTunes meta data of any song this way. Album, song, artist, etc. Virtually all commercial releases are available this way. It usually defaults to Gracenote. After you fill out the info, you should upload the info to Gracenote so that the next guy will have the info. I usually start out by selecting all the tracks and doing a Get Info Cmd-I.

Record Any Audio in High Quality

I then enter the album title, artist, album artist I file by lastname, first name or band name, The , Genre and Year. After the general album info I go back and enter track names — you can do this on the main CD screen or doing a Get Info for track01 and then going track by track. This can be done by selecting all the album tracks and doing a Get Info then editing the info.

You also have the option to mark an album as a Compilation. For audiobooks, I rip all the disks using the Spoken Audio option in Import Settings, which reduces track size significantly. After ripping, you should select all the tracks and do a Get Info. When you select this and hit OK the selected tracks will disappear from your Song list and the audiobook will appear in your Audiobook library.

I burn talking books to transfer to my ipod nano. This brings up a box where you can edit the whole CD or each track. I use XLD — it provides very high quality files, in all the formats — I use mp3 sometimes but mostly flac, so have it set to rip to both.

Part 2. Best Free Music Downloader for iTunes - iMusic

Al, check this guide from Auralic. Hard Drives are cheap, MP3 is poor sound quality. Get back to quality files, sound, etc. If you rip to Apple Lossless format which I recommend , it will keep all the information and quality of the audio track CD. The files are a bit larger, but it is worth it.

How to Transfer Music/ Songs from iPhone to Computer - Mac & Windows Tutorial

If your phone or iPod does not have enough room, there is still an option to compress the audio on the fly, but at least you will have a full-quality copy on your computer which you may want to play through a good stereo system or headphones, for example. There is a lot of good detailed information about this elsewhere on the internet, and how to use XLD a free alternative for ripping, which also allows you to do error checking against a database of known rips, allows you to rip to non-apple formats like FLAC, convert from Apple Lossless to other lossless or lossy formats, and so forth.

I had ripped my CDs about pieces to an external disc connected to my iTunes. It all worked fine for a while. Why iTunes stops reading and recognising entire music libraries? Is there a problem? How do I reinstate iTunes and my not lost music library? Is the drive connected correctly? Can you simply drag a file from your Mac to the drive?

If neither iTunes nor your Mac can see it, and it is connected correctly, then the drive is corrupted or is trashed. Can Disk Utility repair the drive? Can a third party software repair the drive? If not, where is your backup, because the drive is trashed? You first need to add the files not in your iTunes music library to the library, then you can add them to your iPod. Also by default is the ACC format. Forget MP3 for quality. One thing that I was able to do on previous versions of iTunes was to select which tracks to rip, now you have to rip the entire CD.

Unless someone knows the trick, please reply. To rip individual tracks from a CD click the checkmarks next to the track names. Clicking on them alternates between checked and not checked. Only checked files will be ripped. Hard drives are cheap, so you can rip lossless but if you have a huge collection is can take up a lot of space.

Always have two drives, one for data the other for back up.