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See screenshot here: Uncategorized 10 Comments. Grant Skinner The "g" in gskinner.

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Also the "skinner". Download seems to be broken. Grant Skinner October 27, at 7: Dan October 30, at 8: Andreas February 9, at 4: Thanks for these! Is it possible to enable visual feedback as well? Tapping it opens Launchpad, which is described on Launchpad. Tap either or to skip to the previous or next track or chapter. Hold one down to rewind or fast-forward. These three keys control your speaker volume. The key means Mute; tap it once to cut off the sound completely and again to restore its previous level.

Tap the repeatedly to make the sound level lower, the key to make it louder. If you hold down the Shift and Option keys, then tapping the volume keys adjusts the volume by smaller increments, just as with the brightness keys.

This is the Eject key. Home, End.

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The Home key jumps to the top of a window, the End key to the bottom. In iPhoto, they jump to the first or last photo in your collection. In iMovie, the Home key rewinds your movie to the very beginning.

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In Safari, they send you to the top or bottom of the Web page. In Word, they jump to the beginning or end of the line.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

But then again, Microsoft has always had its own ways of doing things. On keyboards without a dedicated block of number keys, you get these functions by holding down Fn as you tap the and keys. Pg Up, Pg Down. These keys scroll up or down by one screenful.

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The idea is to let you scroll through word-processing documents, Web pages, and lists without having to use the mouse. On keyboards without a numeric keypad, you get these functions by pressing Fn plus the and keys. It closes dialog boxes, closes menus, and exits special modes like Quick Look, slideshows, screen savers, and so on. Get to know it.

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The Backspace key. This key triggers keyboard shortcuts for menu items. I hope they help you become the power user that lies within. Also called Forward Delete. May be a comma , instead of period for some languages.

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Works in most programs. Find Files Cmd-F. Press Cmd-Tab again to switch back. While holding Cmd, to choose which app you want to switch to: Cmd-Click on name of the window in the titlebar Move a window in the background without switching to it. Action Keystroke Go to end of line Cmd-right arrow Go to beginning of line Cmd-left arrow Go to end of all the text Cmd-down arrow Go to beginning of all the text Cmd-up arrow Go to end of current or next word Option-right arrow Go to beginning of current or previous word Option-left arrow Add Shift to the above keystrokes to make a selection to that point.

On Laptops: On the left you can select Emoji or other Symbols. You can press the corresponding number under the character you want to type to choose it or arrow over to it. Auto completion word Start typing the word. While dragging: Hold Spacebar to move selected area.