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Accepted Solution. November Well basically, When you get bootcamp and then buy windows if basically gives you 2 operating systems on your mac that you switch between. Message 5 of 11 51, Views. All Replies. November If there isnt a stream service for you, can only play with virtual machine like vmware, wine on linux? Message 2 of 11 47, Views. Reply 2. November If he is that desperate there should be a program on the Mac Book called "Boot Camp Assisstant" run that and it read every page as it will tell him what you need to do to get Windows on Mac. He really should have cheked before buying the game.

2016 Macbook Air BattleField 4 Gaming Test Experience HD6000

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Can MacBook Pro mid 15" with Intel Iris Pro and i7 run Batllefield 4? - Answer HQ

Reply 3. November - last edited November I checked out his specs, They are better then minimum requirements. Message 4 of 11 47, Views.

Reply 1. November You know mate Message 6 of 11 47, Views. February - last edited February You could have simple looked at the hardware requirements for the BF4 PC game here http: Message 7 of 11 41, Views.

Can't run BF4 on MacBook Pro

March - last edited March I really wanted to play battlefield 4 using a mouse and keyboard, but the problem is that i use mac, the same as yours, oxs lion, Message 8 of 11 40, Views. September macs arent for gaming ; i have one too. Message 9 of 11 27, Views. February So did you get it to work? And how? Message 10 of 11 14, Views. New topic. You've played your part in BF4 Now it's time to be a part of the new fight in Battlefield 1. I travel a lot, and for work i do need a Macbook app development.

Macbook Pro 13" Battlefield 4?

I've seen some videos, but i was wondering if there were any that had first hand experience. Also its a given i should install it on a windows bootcamp correct? Ram and storage space on the hdd or ssd dont run games. You need to look at the cpu and gpu for the most part.

A 4 core intel and at least a gtx gpu are necessary. If the laptop has integrated graphics then you dont have a gpu and the game will likely run poorly, if at all.

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Panopreto said: RetepK said: Get an Android! Android laptop. OdinTheBearded said: If the laptop has integrated graphics then you dont have a gpu and the game will likely run poorly, if at all My m works good in PC laptop I know its not a MAC but never the less its a laptop. It never drops below 30 FPS on ultra. You could most likely run x with low settings and have good FPS.