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Building a PC is like rigging a camera.

Mac vs PC - Which Is Better?

You take special preparation to create a PC that meets all of your specifications for the price you can afford while maximizing quality. Does it require work? Sure does! But we spend so much time researching gear for cameras and making sure we get the highest quality picture and sound, why not spend that time on the machine that produces these images?

OSX, but from a purely hardware POV just simple performance and features , apple over charges for their equipment and the only logical reason to buy apple gear is what you mentioned: This only refers to construction. However, it is not a fallacy that iMacs cost more than PCs. Hiiiiā€¦, Its all about the cheapest gas and electricity price services. The options I had were: Download my free guide with examples on how to find the best camera angles for dialogue scenes when your mind goes blank. Exclusive Bonus: I m interested in apple fcp for video editing in Allahabad.

You must have been looking for the worst deals you could ever find on pc parts lol. SDub Good points, though I disagree with most of them!

MacBook/MacBook Air

Let the readers decide. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Until then, the five-year-old, thermally constrained, expansion-averse cylinder can be had The iMac Pro is a good pick for professional needs, but it's seemingly not built to last, cramming its storage, RAM, and display into a hermetically sealed, non-upgradeable chassis.

If you're tired of waiting for Apple to offer a true pro desktop, why not check out what Dell's dishing out?


These modular, upgradeable towers offer plenty of possibilities to make this machine last for a decade or longer. Unlike Apple's old-ass trash can, Dell's workstations can be upgraded with ridiculously powerful processors with dozens of cores, modern graphics, and up to GB of RAM. You don't even have to open the case up to add more storage thanks to an externally accessible caddy solution.

For users clinging to their trusty cheesegrater Mac Pro towers , Dell's traditional, functional, buttoned-down tower should feel like coming home. Plus, Dell's pro machines all come with a three-year on-site repair agreement, so you'll never be caught waiting around for someone to pay attention to you at the crowded Apple Store and you'll save hundreds over buying AppleCare. When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Read more about how this works. Behind the scenes with the actor Thomas Middleditch who teamed up with an artificial intelligence program called Benjamin to create "Zone Out," an entirely AI-made sci-fi film.

Related Video. View Comments. Sponsored Content Powered By Outbrain. More gear. Goodbye, Pixels. Peter Rubin Peter Rubin. Aarian Marshall Aarian Marshall. It also came with all the programs I needed already on the computer, like iMovie, which has been really important in building my small business. Business users in tech-related fields and people who described themselves as not tech savvy both consistently described Macs as easy to use and reliable. A lot of design pros vouched for Mac products, which isn't a big surprise, and many of them mentioned learning design skills on Macs first. She also mentioned the familiarity aspect of using Macs for design work.

Other design pros said they had worked on Macs and PCs in equal measure, and they still tended to favor Mac.


I couldn't do half my work on a PC. There have been moves in recent years to make some PC models more appealing to design pros, but thus far, public opinion still seems to be that Macs are superior for designing, rendering, editing and myriad other creative tasks. Entrepreneurs who work in marketing and retail were the only respondents to cite company image and overall look as a reason for adopting Macs. While it wasn't the only thing these entrepreneurs liked about their laptops, it factored into their decision-making process.

Mac Pro vs. Consumer Macs - The Mac Pro Review (Late )

Zondra Wilson, the entrepreneur behind Blu Skin Care , was one such respondent. Wilson cited ease of use and security against viruses, as well as image, as her motivating factors.

Mac Pro vs. Consumer Macs

Wilson wasn't alone in her belief that branding matters, even when it comes to business tech. April Wier said that even though she still uses a desktop PC in the office, she uses a Mac laptop for her client-facing work as the director of web design and marketing company Sugar Five Design. She noted that before she switched to a Mac, her clients had concerns about her machine. Nobody questions a Mac. It just checks the credibility box automatically.

While businesspeople have long thought about the image their cars, watches and office spaces project to their clients, it may be that we've entered an era where in certain industries operating systems should be added to the list. One of the most frequent complaints Mac-dedicated business owners had about PCs was the lack of product longevity.

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  • 1. You can get a Windows PC for much cheaper than a Mac..

These entrepreneurs were quick to point out that while Macs are more expensive, the amortized cost over time makes them a fiscally responsible choice. Nick Leffler, the owner of digital marketing agency Exprance , said it best: I can accomplish the same thing on either computer, but I need bang for my buck and dependability; Macs have both. My old PCs had a maximum lifespan of three years, and I couldn't give them away. My last Mac lasted five years, and I was able to resell it for about one-third the cost I originally paid for it.

While the product longevity debate between Macs and PCs has been raging for years and will probably continue for many more, the opinion that Macs last longer on average was pervasive among Team Mac entrepreneurs we spoke with. Dan Salganik, the co-founder of digital marketing company VisualFizz , said lifespan factored into his decision to go with Mac products as well. With all the bonuses Team Mac pointed out, it may be hard for some Mac lovers to understand why anyone would opt for a PC, but the responses we received from PC business owners were also numerous and passionate.

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Once again, there were certain consistencies in the responses to our questions, and there was a definite career pattern among the respondents.