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Paste the following commands into the text file. This set of commands will start the server. Save the file as. Select "Save" from the TextEdit menu and save the file in the same folder as the server file you downloaded from the Minecraft website.

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Open the Terminal. You can find this in the Utilities folder.

From the desktop, click the Go menu and select "Utilities. Drag and drop the. This will change the permissions of the start. Double-click the. This will start your server. You'll see some error messages, but this is only for the first time you run the sever. The server will generate several files in the folder its in.

The server will stop automatically after running the first time. Open the "EULA. You'll need to make a small change to this file to proceed. Save the change to the file and close it. This will start the server back up and show the server command line. Additional files will be downloaded and the server's world will be generated, which may take a few moments.

How to Make a Minecraft Server

This will give you admin privileges when you connect to the server from your Minecraft account. Make changes to the server properties by editing. Double-click this file and select TextEdit when prompted for a program to open it. You can change the values of these entries to change how the server works, but be aware that incorrect entries may cause the server to malfunction. You'll need to restart the server after making any changes.

You can change the level-seed entry to enter any seed you'd like to use. Determine the server's local IP address.

When you're connecting to the server from other computers on the same network, you'll need to know the server's IP address. On the Mac running the server, click the Apple menu, select "System Preferences," then select "Network. Make note of this address.

Open Minecraft on another computer on your network. You don't need to forward any ports or change other advanced settings if the other computer is on the same local network as the server computer. If your server computer is powerful enough, you can run Minecraft on it at the same time, but this isn't recommended for most computers. If you want to have your friends join your server over the internet, see the next section. Select "Multiplayer" on the second computer. This will begin scanning for available games. There's a good chance that you won't see your server available, even though it is.

Click the "Direct Connect" button. This will open a window allowing you to enter an address. Type in the server's local IP address. After entering the address, you will connect directly to it and the game will load. If you cannot connect, make sure both computers are on the same network. Multiple computers can connect to the same server using this address, as long as they are all on the same local network.

If you are playing on the same computer as the server, enter localhost instead of the server IP address. You'll need this address in order to properly forward ports so that others can connect to your server. Click the Apple menu on the server Mac and select "System Preferences.

Note the "IP Address" line. Open your router's configuration page. In order for others to connect to your server over the internet, you'll need to configure your router to allow incoming connections. To do this, you'll have to access your router's settings. If you are using a router like Netgear or Belkin, you can access your router's configuration page from your web browser.

See Access a Router for detailed information on opening your router's configuration page. Open the Port Forwarding section. The location of these settings will vary from router to router. Generally, you'll find them in the WAN or the Advanced section.

It may be labeled "Applications and Gaming" or "Virtual Servers. Make sure to select "TCP" as the protocol. Save your changes when complete. Determine your public IP address. Your friends will need to enter your public IP address in order to connect to your Minecraft server. The quickest way to determine your public IP address is to open Google on the server computer's web browser and type "my IP. Enter the server's public IP in the Direct Connect menu on another computer. Now that the server is accessible from the internet, your friends can connect by opening the Multiplayer menu in Minecraft, clicking "Direct Connect," and then entering the server address.

Check your server's public and local IP address on a regular basis.

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Whenever your server computer restarts, it will get a new local IP address from your router. When this happens, you'll need to change the port forwarding rules to reflect the new address, or no one will be able to connect from the internet. Also, your internet service provider may occasionally change your public IP address, which will need to be entered whenever your friends connect.

Just repeat the process as many times as you want, but you do need to port forward every server if you want to play online with friends. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 7. But Minecraft is so much more than just a game. Setting up a server takes some effort. You need a bit of technical know-how to properly configure a Minecraft server. You should have a basic understanding of computer and networking concepts, which are fundamental to managing any kind of server. And lastly, use a wired ethernet connection for your server instead of wireless.

A wired connection is more reliable. If you need a little more oomp and you want to hook up a lot of players, you might try a dedicated server instead. Check the Java website to see what the most recent version is. Download the server software from the Minecraft website. It comes as a Java. Save it to the location you chose in the previous step.

Double-click the. Accept the EULA: A text file called eula. Run the Minecraft server as an administrator by right-clicking the.

Install and run the game

To learn more about port forwarding, check out PortForward. This tells the router which device to point at. Newer versions of MacOS includes Java by default. Create a folder to contain your Minecraft server files.

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You could create the folder on your desktop, for example, but the choice is completely up to you. Save the file as start. Open the Terminal and grant permissions for the new start. Drag and drop the start. Press Enter. A Terminal window will open. This is normal. Create a directory on your host where the Minecraft server files will be saved, then change to that directory.

Within the Minecraft directory, run the wget command to download the Minecraft server files:. Double-check the Minecraft download page for the URL to the latest version. You can change the -Xmx and -Xms settings to adjust allocated memory for the Minecraft server. The available memory will depend on your hosting plan.

Providing players with an easy-to-remember domain name instead of a complicated IP address makes it even easier for people to connect to your Minecraft server. Here are a few resources that dig deeper into setting up, managing, and promoting your server:. As a courtesy, we provide information about how to use certain third-party products, but we do not endorse or directly support third-party products and we are not responsible for the functions or reliability of such products. Third-party marks and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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