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Can you build an ice rink for the Olympics? A new cinema for the local movie star? Find out in the new strategy game, Build-a-lot! Your Security and Privacy are important to us! Privacy Policy. Your username will be displayed on your review. Pick a username you like and can share with others. Your username is permanent and yours forever. Enter the email address you use for your Big Fish account. Need help? Become a real estate mogul and take over the housing market! Construct, upgrade and sell houses for huge profits!

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Are you sure you want to purchase it? Hours of gameplay! Improve 8 neighborhoods. Buy new blue prints. Apply your entrepreneurial skills in Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year. Game System Requirements: Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description In Vacation Mogul, a young woman inherits a portion of her uncle's real estate empire when he dies under mysterious circumstances. Information Seller Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

Size Category Games. Compatibility OS X Price Free. Developer Website App Support. Build a workshop and buy efficiency. Build and sell a ranch. Buy a lodge or chalet whatever comes up for sale. Buy extra men you want to eventually have 18 or so. Keep going until you have 4 3-star hotels bringing in the income. Build ice rinks. This is a tedious way to win the level, but it works. Sell one cabin and demolish another not in the middle row. Once the cabin sells, buy enough materials and build a workshop. Sell a second cabin not middle row while the workshop is building.


Demolish one cabin in the middle row and reforest the lot. Again reforest and harvest. Buy six more men and demolish a second cabin. Reforest and reharvest the lot once more. Now reforest both lots, then harvest both lots. Reforest and harvest both lots again, demolish the third cabin, and buy more men. While you are constantly reforesting and harvesting, paint and inspect all of your cabins.

Demolish the workshop, build the last cabin, and paint it. You start with two Victorians on the premium lots. Sell one. Upgrade the other Victorian once and wait for houses to come onto the market. Buy cheap houses cabins and lodges , demolish. Once the sawmill is built buy 2, materials and build a workshop. Buy efficiency and three more men. Continue to buy cheap houses and demolish. Build a Victorian on an empty lot and sell it.

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Build your hotel on the premium lot. Also build a real estate office and a gardening center. Landscape the Victorians and upgrade both hotel and Victorians. Remember to stage them as well. Buy the two chalets, demolish, and build 2 ranches. Stage, landscape, paint, and start upgrading the ranches.

Upgrade the ranches to 3 stars, then buy a third lot, harvest, and build another ranch. You'll start with an empty lot, a wooded lot, and a lodge. Harvest the wooded lot, build a chalet, and sell it. While the chalet is being sold, demolish the lodge. Buy any wooded lot that comes up for sale. While the second chalet is selling, buy 1, materials and build a workshop. With the money from the second chalet buy efficiency and 3 more men. Harvest the wooded lot you bought, then build a third chalet and sell it.

Buy 1, materials. Use the money to buy any cheap house or wooded lot. Buy materials. Build and sell a Victorian. Use the money to buy any inexpensive house left chalets , and at least 2, materials. Build a hotel and upgrade between the rent cycles. Buy the last chalet, demolish, and build another hotel. You start with two empty lots. Use the money to buy 1, materials, then build a workshop. Buy and demolish a cabin.

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Buy wooded lots as they come up, but don't buy houses yet. Buy 2 men and 1, materials. Harvest any wooded lots. Use the last of the ranch money to buy 2, materials and 3 more men. Build your first hotel. Upgrade the hotel as you can, buy another cheap house, demolish, and build a second hotel. Buy manpower up to about 20 workers. Once all 5 hotels are 5 stars, paint them, inspect them, and then start buying the Victorians. Upgrade the Victorians to 3 stars, then inspect, then let the money roll in. While the money is coming in, buy around 10, materials, then demolish the sawmill.

Replace the sawmill with a real estate office. Demolish the real estate office. Build a garden center. Paint the lodges green and landscape. Demolish the workshop and you will hit the proper appeal level. You begin with four houses, a Victorian, two cabins, and a lodge. Sell the Victorian. Demolish the 2 cabins. Buy 3 more men and efficiency. Buy any cheap houses cabins, lodges that come on the market. Start building hotels. Start with two, and upgrade as you can. Continue to buy men and materials, and build 4 more hotels and upgrade to 3 stars.

Also stage the hotels to bring in more money. If necessary, use the force buy offer double to buy the last house available. Once you have all of the lots, keep buying materials until you hit 25, Demolish the hotels and reforest the land as soon as it is clear. Demolish the garden center, build a Victorian on the lot, and sell it. Harvest the empty lot for 2, materials.

Demolish the sawmill and build a hotel there. Buy wooded lots as they come up. Harvest them immediately for materials. Start building hotels on the empty lots. Leave a few spaces between for swimming pools. Stage your first hotels, then start upgrading.


Buy efficiency from the new workshop, then demolish the old workshop on the premium lot. On the third industrial lot when you get it , build a garden center. Keep the real estate office where it is in the premium lots. Buy back the Victorian when you can, demolish, and build a hotel. Continue to build until you have 10 hotels that are staged and 3 star. Demolish the real estate building and build a pool.

Make sure hotels are painted and landscaped. Build swimming pools as necessary to bring up the appeal. Keep one lot empty.

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  • In the course of the game you will demolish 12 houses, so no worries there. You start with 2 cabins, a lodge, and a chalet. Sell the chalet and demolish the 2 cabins. Build a sawmill and demolish the lodge. Buy any lodges or cabins that come up for sale. Buy 2, materials and build a workshop.

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    • Buy efficiency, demolish any lodges or cabins, and build and sell a ranch. Buy and demolish the last of the lodges and cabins. Buy 3 men. Buy materials, start buying chalets, demolish, and build your first hotel. Appraise the hotel, then stage it, then start upgrading. Demolish any more chalets you've bought and build a second hotel. Continue the cycle of build, appraise, upgrade until you have 4 hotels. Start buying the ranches. Demolish and build a garden center. Landscape, paint, and appraise your first 3 star hotel, then sell.

      Once you've gotten the ranches and Victorian, demolish. Appraise and sell your first 3 star hotel. Build a hotel on the other empty lot, appraise, then start upgrading. Buy the other hotel the non-upgraded one , appraise, upgrade, then appraise again. Stuck on Level 26, is there a walk through please. On Vacation Level 26 Goals: You start with several empty lots, including one industrial. Build a chalet on an empty lot and sell it. Once you have the money buy 1, materials and build a sawmill.

      While the sawmill is being constructed build another chalet and sell it. Only buy empty lots at this point including the industrial one. By this time you should be able to buy the other industrial empty lot. Build a workshop. Sell the ranch. Use the money from the ranch to get efficiency from the workshop. Buy 5, materials. Use an empty lot or buy a cheap house and demolish, then build a real estate office.

      Build a hotel, appraise it, and sell it. Demolish cheap houses. Buy more manpower you want Appraise one hotel and sell it. Stage the other hotel and start upgrading. Offer double for the premium hotel and start upgrading it to 3 stars. Build and paint six cabins. Once the cabins are built sell your hotel that is NOT on the premium lot. Voila, you've won in expert time. Thank you for you help grinnyp: Is there a walk through yet? I am stuck on level 27 can anyone help me? Expert Level 3 Requirements: Expert Level 4 Requirements: Late requirement: Expert Level 6 Requirements: Build and sell a victorian.

      I am stuck on expert level 2 and can't find any spoiler for it. Can anyone help I am stuck on expert level 9. Could someone please help me with level 24? Can anyone please help me with level 19? Tried 7 times for expert Is there a walkthrough for expert levels 11 on for build a lot on vacation? Stuck on I get almost there and die!

      Pls help. There no time for building 6 premium hotels on level 29! Can anybody help me. Thanks for the level 26 walkthrough, it's been driving me bonkers for days: I need help with main level The pink hotel level. Level 24 - Main Levels Start with quickly building a Victorian, paint it and sell it In the mean while buy units wood Build a saw mill As soon as the Victorian is sold, buy 5. Wait till there are two on the market, buy one with low price. Level 25 - Main Levels Start with harvesting one tree lot for wood. Build sawmill and workshop, buy efficiency training and train workers till you have Upgrade three hotels to three stars, paint and inspect them.

      Paint the other hotels and inspect them Build 5 pools.

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      Screenshot I even upgraded more hotels, but it is not really needed. Level 30, main campaigne Clear the industrial lot for material and build a hotel and sell it. Wait a moment - there will be 2 tree lots coming on the market. Buy one for the lower prize, one for the full prize. Clear both lots for material As soon as you have bought an industrial lot build the efficiency traing and train 9 workers. Build all tree lots 1x with lower prize, one full prize, at the end you will have to pay the one remaining lot also full Clear all lots except one for material. Build on the lot top right a sawmill.

      Build on the top row in the middle two hotels with a pool between them. Upgrade both hotels to three stars, paint them. Train additional workers till you have Stage both houses and appraise one, inspect both. Demolish the bought houses and build hotels instead. Upgrade all to three stars, paint and stage them. Inspect them When the hotel, you sold at the beginning, comes back on the market, and you can afford to pay the low prize, list your hotels and buy it.

      Demolish this hotel and build a garden center there. Landscape all of your hotels. When you run out of money to buy the houses on the premium lot, sell the appraised hotel. Build a pool on the empty lot. Buy material to have Congratulations, you finished the main campainge of the game! Thank you so much!!


      Stuck on expert level I need a walk-through on level I cannot get expert or even past level. Level 19 main Start by cleaning 1 industrial lot for wood and a normal lot for money. Build a Victorian on the normal lot and paint it. Sell it for max by using the "pay less" option to get rid of other houses While selling clean the other industrial lot for wood Build a sawmill and a workshop Buy 5.

      Start by buying the cheaper houses for One house gets one star and one no upgrade at all Inspect all houses. Buy the middle lot in the middle row, left side, do not build there Buy the third industrial lot and build a garden center. Add gardens to all Victorians. Build 3 Picnic Parcs: Can you please post a walkthrough for the main levels?