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Where is the Java Control Panel on my Mac? This article applies to: Platform s: Java Control Panel The Control Panel allows you to find information about Java version and configure various settings to help you efficiently run Java on your Mac. General About Java: View information about the Java version Network Settings: By default, Java will use the network settings in your web browser.

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You can set preferences including proxy servers in this setting. Temporary Internet Files: Files used in Java applications are stored in a special folder, called a cache, for quick execution later. You can view and configure cache files, settings, including file location, as well as delete cache from this setting. Update Allows you to check for and get the latest available Java version and configure whether you want to automatically update.

Dashboard includes widgets to do things like take notes, monitor stocks, and show the weather. You can also get quick information in Today view in Notification Center.

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To open Notification Center, click its icon in the menu bar. Use the Photos app to import your photos from your iOS device or camera, edit your photos, share your photos, and more. If you have a one-button mouse and want to open a shortcuts menu, press and hold the Control key as you click.

To store a document, use the Documents folder. To see your Documents folder, open a Finder window, then click Documents in the sidebar. The Pictures folder is located in your home folder. As you open apps and files, their names are kept in the Recent Items list in the Apple menu. You can use Recent Items to quickly reopen apps and documents. Many apps include an Open Recent command in the File menu that lists documents you worked on recently.

To take a picture of the entire screen, press Shift-Command To take a picture of part of the screen, press Shift-Command-4, then drag the pointer to select an area. For quick access to all your apps and utilities, click the Launchpad icon in the Dock or tap in the Control Strip. In the Info window, you can set ownership and permissions for the item.

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For files, you can select the app that you want to open the file. You can also do this for all attendees at once using the GoToMeeting drop-down menu at the top, in which case you could use the Attendees pane to unhide them for particular attendees. If you select this, their desktop app will immediately exit the meeting and end their audio and video connection, and they will see a message notifying them that they were excused. In the Attendees pane, click Invite at the bottom right.

Show All Hide All Hide webcam feeds To help save some space on your screen or to help improve your internet speed , you can hide the webcams that are being shared. Click the Webcams button in your Webcam pane. Select Hide All Webcams.

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You can also select Hide My Webcam in the same menu, but keep in mind that this does not stop your webcam feed from broadcasting to other attendees - it just hides it from your screen. Adjust webcam preferences You can see advanced webcam options zoom, brightness exposure in the GoToMeeting Preferences window. Select Preferences.

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Use the Show screen drop-down menu to share a different monitor or even a specific application such as Powerpoint. Use the Change Presenter menu to transfer the presenter controls to another person. Show All Hide All Allow others to draw on the screen Drawing tools can help you illustrate your point - and when everyone joins in on the fun, collaboration gets a big boost. Click the Arrow icon next to the attendee, and select Allow Drawing. Pause screen sharing If you'd like to freeze the broadcast of your screen rather than stopping it altogether, you can hover your mouse over the Screen button until you see a Pause icon appear below it.

Use the Pause button to pause and restart the live broadcast. Select All to send a public message to all participants. Select Organizer s only to send a message only to organizers and co-organizers.

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Select Presenter only to send a private message to the person sharing their screen. Select a specific individual to send a private message to just that person. When prompted, select a place on your computer to save the file and click Save. Click Record this meeting at the bottom of the Screen Sharing pane. Once your meeting is over, the Recording Manager will automatically prompt you to convert the recording. You can then re-start, or leave the recording off. Find my recordings Your raw recording files are saved to the computer, where they are stored and ready to be converted to a shareable format.

Retain easy access to the Audio , Screen and Webcam buttons. Get new chat notifications when messages come in. Click the Attendees or Chat icons to expand only those panes. Show All Hide All Undock panes from the Control Panel You can split out some of the panes from the Control Panel and move them around your screen or even collapse the rest of the Control Panel while leaving the selected pane open.

Click the Expand icon in the corner of a pane to undock it from the Control Panel.

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Explore the Viewer window The Viewer is the application window that shows you the presenter's shared screen. You'll also notice that it includes multiple tools in the upper toolbar, including webcam controls, the ability to rearrange its location and a Screenshot icon that allows you to capture the currently shared screen. Show All Hide All Edit your name and email This option will change the name and email address that is displayed to everyone in the Attendees pane as well as the "Talking" section at the top of the Control Panel. You can also do this by right-clicking your name in the Attendees pane.

macOS Sierra: What’s it called on my Mac?

Having some installation issues? There are a few different things that might be preventing you from downloading the GoToMeeting desktop software. Check your system's compatibility. Your computer's operating system must meet certain requirements in order to run the software.

Make sure yours doesn't have any limitations on our System Check page. Try again and watch out for permissions requests. In order for GoToMeeting to properly install itself on your computer, you have to grant it permission to access your system.

The ways in which you'll be asked to do so will vary depending on your web browser and operating system, so click your Join link again and then select the article that applies to you below. I joined the meeting, but it looks different than the images above. GoToMeeting offers multiple methods for getting into session to make sure that you are able to join whenever and wherever you want.

This particular guide applies to the GoToMeeting desktop app for Mac computers. If it doesn't look the same as what you see on your screen, please select one of the following.