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It is ashame they don't work anymore. That was the best of customizing instead of just adding a picture to the header of the browser.

Toggle Full Screen Mode with a Keyboard Shortcut in Mac OS X

I hate the generic lcon buttons, so blah. I also hate the rounded tabs but that is all there is now, blah icons and rounded tabs. Thanks anyway for your help. Oh, and in case someone you hear has the other problem that I was having which was taking forever to go from one site to another and having to another one, I found that the culprit of that one is the new add on called Privacy Badger. It did not like me to go from like my hotmail site to my Yahoo email site and had to constantly click on the bookmark more that once to get it to even leave hotmail. Firefox would look and act like it was trying to go lto Yahoo but Privacy Badger would never let it go there until you clicked on the bookmark twice.

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Question owner Please read the question before answering. Thanks again for trying to answer. Does anyone have the answer? Please '''read the question''' before answering. I am looking for '''full screen without any address bars'''. Click the Maximize button top right corner of the Navigation Toolbar to leave full screen mode or right-click empty space on a toolbar and choose "Exit Full Screen Mode" or press the F11 key. Hi Gene, recent versions of Firefox now display a pop-up when a site goes to full screen mode asking whether you want to allow it.

If you didn't see that pop-up, and you didn't press F11, I wonder whether it was the Flash player that went full screen? You can escape from that using the Esc key at least on Windows.

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Hi Daylightdon, if you have the problem where the Firefox window is too tall and covers the Window task bar , I don't think the cause for that has been identified. One user attributed it to using the Windows Magnifier, but it might occur in other scenarios. To shorten the height of a Firefox window manually, you can use the control menu.

With Firefox active, press this key combination:. Then choose Size and press the down arrow once -- this selects the bottom border for movement.

How do I get out of full screen Firefox?

Then press the up arrow repeatedly until it clears the task bar. Then press Enter to complete the resizing. Firefox remember the size of the last closed window, so if you have other tall windows, close those first before closing the resized one. Alternately, you can clear the settings file that stores the incorrect window height. Unfortunately, this also clears your toolbar customizations, so hopefully this won't be necessary.

Here's how:. Pause while Firefox finishes its cleanup, then rename localstore.

I'm having trouble getting Netflix to play in full screen on my computer.

I could not see those buttons until I moved the cursor to the top of the screen. If I move the cursor down it goes back to full screen. Hi Daylightdon, if Size is grayed out, then the window is currently maximized. Use Restore to switch from a maximized window to a resizable window, and then you should be able to use Size.

How to Enter and Exit Full Screen Mode in macOS | The Mac Security Blog

If Restore is grayed out, you are in full screen mode. Press the F11 key to switch to regular mode, or use the Restore button on the title bar that appears when you move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen.

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Modified October 17, at ESC will only work if you opened a media Flash player full screen and not if you switched to full screen mode via F11 or via the Firefox or View menu. Support Forum. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. Chosen solution Don't worry; you can fix it quick. Hope that helps! Read this answer in context Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies. Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox.

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