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The screenshot below shows you the inventory system of Counter-Strike: GO, Obtaining skins can be done in various ways, such as opening cases, or getting drops after finishing a competitive matchmaking game or a Vac secured server, drops will be random, in some cases you'll receive a case, or a skin paintjob for a gun at the end of the game, in some you won't.

Counter Strike - Global Offensive Beta [ Leaked ] + Beta Maps Pack [ Download Free ]

At the end of a match, Drops of Cases and skins will appear on the right side of the scoreboard, listing all the drops during that match and who will receive them. Drops that are for you will be highlighted by a yellow outline. The Drop cap per week can be increased if you buy an active operation pass. Every drop you get will extend the time you have to play for you to receive your next one.

After receiving a case, it can be opened using a key that can be bought from the game or the steam marketplace. Stattrak allows you to track the number of kills you have gotten towards other players not bots. Stattrak weapons cannot be dropped in a game, and can only be received by either buying on the steam marketplace or opening a case and receiving one. Skins Quality system:. The trade up contract allows you to exchange 10 items of the same grade to receive one of a higher grade, for example. Trading up 10 Blue items, will get you 1 Purple in return, trading up 10 purples will get you 1 pink in return, etc.

GO Has already several pre-made options for your cross-hair that you can choose in the Options menu, including the old-school, Counter-strike 1. Jumping in with an offline game against harmless bots or no bots at all, and messing around with the crosshair settings in the options screen is recommended, to find a cross-hair that fits you and your play-style. You can use the console to change the base sight. With the number at the end that you'd like to try going upto 5.

Options sight The current included settings for the cross-hairs in CS: GO includes: GO dynamic 2nd - CS: GO static 3rd - 1. Command to change the sight - Let's look at the console commands you can use to change the size of our crosshair. This will turn your crosshair pink!

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Thus the way this works, you are able to select a completly unique and customizable color. But that's not all, in Global offensive, you can still choose the outline around the lines of your crosshair,to do this, type the following in the console: A personal recommendation from regular players however, would be to jump on into one of the websites designed to help you make out your perfect cross-hair, very easily, such as: Global Offensive Custom Crosshair Tutorial. Add bookmark. Counter-Strike Global Offensive features: About Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Fundamentals of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists fighting each other in a variety of maps, with a secondary objective, such as hostage rescue.

There are classic game modes, where you fight in rounds of short games. Death is permanent in each game, so if you die, you sit out until the next game. There is no XP experience points upgrading like in Battlefield etc, making this a purely skill based game. There are also two new modes, Arms Race and Demolition. The former introduces re-spawning to Counter-Strike, so loses the tension of classic modes, in favor of Call of Duty feeling fast-paced gaming.

The permanent death modes are much better though, as the need to stay alive is what gives Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it's unique and highly addictive flavor. Global Offensive is still a hardcore FPS.

Download Counter Strike Global Offensive

It's highly competitive, and the classic maps mean that experienced players have a big advantage. New players can expect lots of quick deaths, but being able to watch other players when you're dead means you can quickly pick up on tactics and learn the maps. Despite the toughness, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive feels much fairer than many modern games where you can feel out-gunned by players with more XP than you.

While the basic gameplay is the Counter-Strike we've been playing for 12 years, the graphics have had a welcome polish, there are some new maps, and the old ones have been slightly tweaked. Jumping into a game is really simple, and the new scoreboard is excellent, as is the improved HUD Heads-up display. Global Offensive is a great update of a classic game.

The classic online shooter, updated for a new generation

If you're willing to put the effort into building your skills, it's possibly the most rewarding multiplayer FPS game you can play. I just love it.

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I think it is the most interesting game ever and its not only a game I think it teaches you strategy. There is more than one way to buy this game. Please select a specific package to create a widget for:. Sign in. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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  • Community Hub. Global Offensive CS: GO expands upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 19 years ago.

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    Valve , Hidden Path Entertainment. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes Steam Achievements. Global Offensive Genre: Action , Free to Play Developer: Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Shop Merchandise Now. Shop for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Merchandise.