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New 04 Sep While anything is possible I think the number of occurrences would be up significantly. When did yours start?

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Custom In progress OS: Asus Maximus X Code Memory: Logitech M PSU: Corsair RM i Gold Case: Phanteks Enthroo Primo Cooling: Samsung M. Chrome, Firefox. MS Antivirus: Norton Internet Security. Caledon Ken said: Clearing history does little, just where you been. Clearing temp files data images stored on machine from web pages for more useful as is deleting cookies. Cookies are use for sites where people use "Keep me signed in" so you need to know passwords. Of course this assumes you are not saving passwords in Chrome which is different than saving cookies.

From Chrome's warning just before you reset. New 05 Sep What is your antivirus and does it have SSL scanning enabled? Viglen Connect 10 OS: Windows 10 Home bit. New 13 Sep MrMii Win 10 said: But after I restarted, it was back to "establishing secure connection I have not tried Firefox yet.

Edge isn't bad, but I'd like to continue using Chrome if possible. Thanks, Robert. Last edited by xTL; 28 Nov at Windows 10 Pro Bit Native x Keyboard: Cherry Strait Black Flat Keyboard! Corsair Obsidian D modified Be Quiet! Be Quiet!

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Google Chrome. Version Kaspersky Antivirus Build Here is another too. Comment 18 Deleted. Comment 19 by tkent chromium. Comment 19 Deleted. Comment 20 by davidben chromium. Comment 20 Deleted. Comment 21 by davidben chromium. Oh, you mentioned anti-virus in the original report. To confirm, does this happen if you disable your anti-virus?

A lot of times they'll cause problems with networking.

Comment 21 Deleted. Comment 22 by abyssund I've been trying to capture it for a while but it's becoming less frequent it seems, perhaps with a recent update? I'll continue to keep trying to capture it but there doesn't seem to be a reproducible set of steps to do so. Comment 22 Deleted. Comment 23 by mmenke chromium. Any luck getting a log? If you haven't had time, that's fine, just trying to make sure this bug doesn't fall into the abyss of long forgotten issues.

Comment 23 Deleted. Comment 24 by abyssund Unfortunately not. The issue happened several times today in work but I didn't have the logger open when it happened. Can I safely leave the logger running at all times or only for short periods?

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Comment 24 Deleted. Comment 25 by mmenke chromium. It will use a bunch of memory and then the tab will crash when it runs out, if you leave it open too long. On the capture page, there's a "Discard old data under memory pressure. Note that any page you visited while net-internals was open may appear in the log, but cookies and post data will not.

Establishing secure connection

You can email a log to me instead, if you're not comfortable with sharing the log publicly. Comment 25 Deleted. Comment 26 by abyssund Here is another log, hopefully it helps. Comment 26 Deleted. Comment 27 by abyssund Here is a proper catch which was running for a few hours. Hopefully it's good enough for you.

I had to zip it because it was quite large, I hope that's OK. Comment 27 Deleted. Comment 28 by mmenke chromium. Comment 28 Deleted. Comment 29 by abyssund So is this an error with the fbcdn-profile-a.

Comment 29 Deleted. Comment 30 by mmenke chromium. I defer to the SSL team on that, though I'd suspect a server issue. Oops, made a typo in my last post "Looks like nothing responded to our TLS 1. Comment 30 Deleted. Comment 31 by abyssund It's odd that this hasn't been reported by more people when it happens most often for me on Facebook. It could quite easily be any site that uses akamaihd. Next time it happens on another site I'll see if that site also uses akamaihd. Thanks for the insight 'mmenke'. Comment 31 Deleted.

Comment 32 by b Comment 32 Deleted. Comment 33 by jher It started happening to me over the last few days. I have v44 and it hangs on different pages. Comment 33 Deleted. Comment 34 by jher Additional note: This issue is the browser and not my ISP or computer. I opened up a page that Chrome froze on without any difficulty in Firefox.

Comment 34 Deleted. Comment 35 by davidben chromium. Until we've determined a cause of the bug, reusing an existing one makes things confusing. Comment 35 Deleted. Comment 36 by Deleted Seemed odd though that no other browser had the same issue. Comment 36 Deleted. Comment 37 by abyssund How did you remove the out of date certs? Comment 37 Deleted. Comment 38 by fightinf I've heard of doing an SSL "flush" but not removing old certs. I'd like to know how this is done as well! Comment 38 Deleted.

Comment 39 by Deleted There's a few tabs that can get polluted, mainly "Personal" but Intermediate and Trusted Root can too.

[SOLVED] Webpages load slowly at start - DNS - Spiceworks

Sort the tab by 'Expiration Date' and highlight the certificates you would like removed and click "Remove" or press delete. Comment 39 Deleted. Comment 40 by jher Hi David davidben chromium. I fixed the problem I switched to Slimjet!

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I have to say that I feel like I'm using Chrome 32 again. No problems. No crashing. No memory leak. No "Establishing Secure Connection" freezes. I feel like in browser heaven right now -- especially since this proves that my problem with Chrome has very little to do with the age of the computer that I'm using right now.

So, I'm not going to file a separate bug report. I'll leave that to you. I can tell you that the memory leak with Chrome and high memory usage, which I could see when comparing the information for both browsers, is likely the reason why the freezing is happening during the Establishing Secure Connection too many resources being tapped at once. Thank you anyway for your assistance! Comment 40 Deleted. Comment 41 by ashej Unable to reproduce the above issue on windows with chrome stable version ' Hey, would you mind checking the above issue on latest chrome stable versoin ' I really appreciate your help.

Thank you! Comment 41 Deleted. Comment 42 by abyssund I don't seem to have encountered this for a while since recent updates. Looks like it might be resolved. Will continue to monitor and post back if it repeats.

Chrome is stuck at "establishing secure connection..." on all pages

Comment 42 Deleted. Comment 43 by mmenke chromium. Comment 43 Deleted.