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When we embarked on this journey 20 years ago, we knew we would face intimidation, harassment, raids, arrests and perhaps even jail terms. We got into this venture with our eyes wide open. The main reason we have survived this long - when many others have folded - is partly because we are prudent in our finances. But while we may be tightfisted in our budgeting, we do not hold back when it comes to speaking truth to power and holding power to account.

And certainly, this new administration will not stop us from continuing to do so. As servants of this nation, we at Malaysiakini applaud the continuous engagement of the public in affairs of the state. You make Malaysiakini what it is. You make Malaysia what it is.

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In news we trust A media which is sustained by the backing and support of its people is ensured its independence. Malaysia's No 1 news portal. Choose Empowerment. Subscribe today. Be heard! The Rakyat owns Malaysiakini We choose to take a risk on independent media because we believe that only through independent reporting can one be NOT beholden to the interest of businesses or organisations. Take ownership now. You know when it gets real Listen to your gut. The real thing. The victorious people In the light of holding the truth to power, Malaysiakini will continue to uphold its mission of providing credible news to its discerning public.

To victory. Lifestyle channels 7xx: The other news programmes come from Studio A Sri Pentas. The first episode will air first on Tonton Premiere starting today followed by on NTV7 the next week at 8: For each episode viewers will pay as low as RM 3 to watch for 48 hours unlimited. Posted by Hazimworks at Email This BlogThis! On March 23, Pakatan Rakyat rejected the opportunity to do the pre-recorded party manifesto for 13th GE saying that it is a mockery of democracy, according to Astro Awani. Some leaders such as the BN-Kota Belud member of parliament welcomed the decision to present manifestos, describing it as a step towards democratising information.

He also said the minute length of the manifesto is to strengthen what have been said before as the general public knows the content of the BN and PR's manifestos. The president of Parti Rakyat Malaysia said the proposal is a good idea and it shows an open mindset because it provides an opportunity to parties to explain briefly their manifestos, but wanted the airtime to be slightly longer. Meanwhile on March 27 , some political analysts said the Pakatan Rakyat's rejection of the minute airtime offer to present its manifesto is a missed opportunity. Monday, 25 March Political analyst wants fair airtime for party manifestos all year long.

Political analyst Dr Chandra Muzaffar when contacted by Astro Awani said that he applauded the move by government to allow political parties to air 10 minutes of their manifestos on RTM during the 13th General Election.

He also wanted fair airtime not just during the election but throughout the year as well. He calls for the government to have more public broadcasting. It's been 11 weeks since Perman suddenly stopped broadcasting midway through its run on TV9. The usual 7: Bola Kampung is a local animation series that I don't bother to watch. I prefer watching Perman instead.

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Really want to watch because I miss almost all episodes. Throughout the period Perman was on hiatus, I had been calm all the time because I don't have to catch every single episode of Perman in the timeslot previously. But I still look at my Perman fans' recent tweets on Twitter.

I also had watched the "Perman Birdman ga yattekita" movie that I saw for the first time through Dailymotion during the recent Chinese New Year holiday. During this period I regularly checked the Tonton TV schedule and eagerly waited for the return of the airing of Perman. The Friday 7: The same version has been aired on TV9 as I had confirmed on the first day of the programme aired on April 2, not the ss shorts which had been previously aired on TV3 in the early s just like how TV3 aired Harveytoons as I thought when I originally write this.

The Saturday 6: I'm eager to wait for the return. If any programme changes in the timeslots I mentioned and planned do not include Perman in either timeslots, I will stop liking Perman and maybe wait for many years for a return. Meanwhile, for this school holidays, I'm planning to watch the "Perman Pa-pa-pa the movie Tako de pon Ashi wa pon" movie that I have downloaded from the internet.

Just a while after posting this, I checked TV9's schedule on Sunday April 7 I refreshed the Tonton TV schedule to check whether there are schedule changes for Sunday programmes starting next month and it seems that the Bananana Movie Magic which occupied the 5: If both Sandra the Fairytale Detective at 5: And TV9 also decreased the last 30 minutes for other programming aimed at adults which means Bananana block on Sunday ends at 7: Minor correction made on April 6.

Malaysian TV , Perman. This will occur after the Parliament is dissolved for the coming 13th General Election. Rais Yatim, the Minister of Information, Communication and Culture said the opportunity will be given to both the Barisan Nasional and the opposition, but the presentation will be pre-recorded. The opportunity is given to respect the democratic system in Malaysia.

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It is the parties' decision whether to use the facility. The presentation of the manifestos must be done according to the terms and conditions set by RTM and would be supervised by the ministry's secretary-general and a panel headed by the Director-General for Broadcasting. Some notes about the political party manifestos on the media Rais Yatim introduced the political party manifestos broadcast in a speech during the official opening of Wisma Berita RTM in Angkasapuri in June last year. The political party manifestos will be broadcast on the mass media such as radio and television in a fixed allocated period before the day of general election.

Previously, only advertisements for the Barisan Nasional party were broadcast. Countries that have been using political party manifestos are the United Kingdom and Singapore both General Election and Presidential Election. Friday, 22 March Red FM's new logo. Entertainment news programmes on Malaysian TV as of March , not complete. This is a list of entertainment news programmes on Malaysian TV as of March This is not a complete list because I list them as much programmes as I know.

Malaysian TV. This week's media news episode 7. Welcome to another episode of "This week's media news". It is the neighbouring North Korea which had made the attack. Moving on to Malaysian TV. This week TV3's Berita Terkini has moved its set from the usual virtual studio at Studio A Sri Pentas to another one which is the existing near-the-newsroom studio which was used by Buletin Utama in June-September I really don't know why. Here is the picture of the studio set I took today. Saturday, 16 March This week's media news episode 6. This week I will focus on interesting things happening on Malaysian TV.

The first mid-term school holidays this year will be on the last week of March instead of the second week of March. During the school holidays, TV stations usually air special programmes aimed for schoolchildren at home. So does Bananana on TV3 which offers football-themed programmes under the name "Lagi Lagi Bola" which will be airing this month.