Military cac card reader installation for mac

Does anyone have knowledge on how to do this? Posted in these groups: Computers CAC. Follow this discussion. SSG Join to see. Visit http: Follow the instructions for your os on the above irl and you will be GTG. Vote down.

Thank you, Sergeant. CSM David Heidke. Even if you bought one at the PX, check with supply.

Military CAC Reader

Most units have a budget to buy a whole bunch of them for all the Soldiers. When you do this, the below box will popup. Now select open and continue with install procedure. The ensure you have the right CAC card for online access, flip your CAC card to the back and if you have one of the below numbers written on the top left, then you are good to go: Saicoo V1.

CAC Card Reader for Mac:

Saicoo V2. Keep this for a later step. Click the Device Manager link on the left side of your screen.

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Select the triangle next to Smart Card Readers. Browse my computer Select Browse, then desktop or wherever you made the folder.

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One person had to select "Search automatically for updated driver software" This is very rare. Select the folder if using the firmware update driver below, stop at the driver folder, do not 'dig' down to AND or Intel folders and then OK. It will NOT work in virtual Windows examples: VMware, Parallels, or Virtual box. Verify your firmware version before going through this process How do I create a bootable CD from an. ISO file on a Mac? How do I create a bootable USB drive from an.

Install DoD Certificates

The firmware update "should" fix the following problems: Card reader is not recognized. Does not read your CAC when using your Mac. NO TE: We are hearing Mac users having problems with the SCR reader. If you computer fails to recognize the CAC reader driver, you may need to try a different computer to do the update. Now your SCR reader can be used with Windows 10, 8.

There is no firmware update for a V2 reader because it is already updated. Click on FWUpdate. Here's how: Go to: Start , Search programs and files in Windows 7, 8. Windows 10,8,8. If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Last Update or Review: Saturday, 20 January Installation Steps Step 1: