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For those times, you need Paper. Bear is quickly and quietly becoming one of the most popular and beloved note apps out there. Bear is just a really good note app. Being a really good note app might not sound like enough, but using Bear really helps you understand why some apps are better than others. The elegant way this app combines those seemingly opposite design styles makes it truly special.

Notebook by Zoho is such an app. Whether or not you care about creating truly stunning looking notes may be irrelevant once you see the notes that Notebook is capable of creating. Paper is defined as a note app in this instance largely by virtue of a technicality. The reason you use Paper is that you want a virtual sketchpad that takes advantage of the medium. In other words, you want to doodle and design while being able to use those doodles and designs for more productive purposes.

This app is a minor miracle for artistic types who need to do more than jot down their thoughts in simple words. Long before we got to enjoy the luxury of using note apps, people loved to jot down their thoughts in journals and diaries. To be honest, there are few note-taking apps out there that replicate the experience of keeping a journal. Diaro is one of the best of those precious few apps. Diaro conveniently divides your notes into daily records.

Yes, you can use it to keep track of what dairy products you need, but this is the app you use when you want to log the notes from your vacation or keep a modern diary.

The Top 5 Best Note-Taking Apps

The Apple Pen is quickly becoming that accessory that everyone likes to poke fun at but secretly wants. Penultimate is an app for those same users.

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The line between document apps and note apps is a pretty thin one. For the most part, though, the best note apps are designed to primarily be used as a way to quickly jot down small pieces of information. Anything more complicated than that usually counts as a document app. Perfect for programmers and professionals, 1Writer is as easy to use as a note app but ensures your notes are professionally presented.

Top 10 To-Do Apps for 2018

In its fifth version, Drafts has arguably perfected what the original version of the app set out to do. That is to say that Drafts is an app that is primarily designed as the best possible digital version of a blank sheet. What that means is that Drafts is a great note app for those who just want to write down whatever information they may need to write down and then worry about what they are supposed to do with it.

Hey, we admit that this is a pretty boring suggestion. After all, Apple Notes ships with just about every Apple device and is pretty much the simplest note app that exists for iOS. Apple has packed their notes app with a variety of features that are designed to allow Apple users to take advantage of the various abilities of iOS.

While many people use notes to quickly jot down information, some notes are much more sensitive. For those notes, you might need Saferoom. Saferoom allows you to encrypt and secure notes from supported apps. Is there a note app that you think is just better than the rest? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments below.

GoodNotes Photo: PDF Expert Photo: MyScript Nebo Photo: Evernote Photo: LiquidText Photo: NoteShelf 2 Photo: Simplenote Photo: Google Keep Photo: OneNote Photo: Dropbox Paper Photo: Bear Photo: Zoho Notebook Photo: Paper by FiftyThree Photo: Diaro Photo: Penultimate Photo: Drafts Photo: Apple Notes Photo: Footer About The App Factor is your 1 source for keeping up to date with the very best iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps, tips, and troubleshooting help. Where OneNote falls a little short, however, is in its user interface. Reorganizing notes has its frustrations as well since clicking and dragging pages from one notebook to another can be spotty.

Syncing can also have you pulling your hair out sometimes, especially when it comes to the mobile versions of the Office apps — one day it works seamlessly, and the next it may be on a massive delay or just not work at all.

Cross-Platform Note Taking Apps for PCs & Smartphones

Still, Microsoft puts out a lot of updates, and fixes and new features are automatic and frequent, especially with an Office subscription. As its name would suggest, Simplenote is a note-taking app that focuses on pure, streamlined simplicity. The first noteworthy heh feature of Simplenote is its vast availability compared to other apps. In fact, there is no paid version of Simplenote at all, so you get all the features up front with no strings attached.

The app is also remarkably fast — so fast, in fact, that you can edit a note on your desktop and watch it sync in real time to your device. This efficiency is refreshing compared to other note-taking apps with syncing delays that can put a damper on fast-paced work. Simplenote also has a super intuitive and handy-dandy history feature that lets you access every version of every note you take, regardless of how many edits you make. You can also export notes as text documents, in case you want to have access to them somewhere outside of the app.

The Markdown option also lets you add images and link to websites within a note fairly easily once you get the hang of it. Google Keep. Unlike list or notebook-based apps, Google Keep uses a card interface that can make it easier to visualize your priorities and quite frankly, is just more fun to look at than a boring list.

Each note you create is its own card, and you can choose from several different types to suit the needs of a particular idea or task. If you want to jot down some to-dos for example, you can create a List style note where you can check off items as you complete them. You can make a drawing card, where you use your finger, stylus, or mouse to whip up a quick sketch. Google Keep also takes features that are common in other note-taking apps and kicks them up a notch.

2. Zoho Notebook

Audio notes, for example, are automatically transcribed so your note includes a text translation of the clip. Similarly, you can grab text from images, which works surprisingly well and totally feels like the future provided the image is decently clear. You can make copies of any note, which you can add to Google Keep or choose to send into Google Docs.

Aside from its handy automatic features, the ease and ability for organization are where Google Keep really shines. As with other apps, you can create custom tags for your notes and search your entire list to find what you need quickly. Collaboration is easy too, with the ability to invite other users via email with one click.

This pairs rather nicely with the ability to mark-up images within notes, allowing users to quickly exchange feedback. Rearranging notes is as easy as clicking and dragging them to wherever you want and you can pin the most important notes to the top of your feed.

Best Note Apps for Mac 2018: Snap Notes Faster and Keep Them Organized

The web app also has the option of using keyboard shortcuts to do things like navigate to the next or previous note, compose a new note, create a new list, and perform a search. Syncing between devices is quite fast — but only when it works.

Occasionally you can find yourself waiting way too long for changes you made on the web app to show up on your phone, and vice versa. Overall, Google Keep is a solid showing. Now go sketch, jot, record, upload, color-code … and take notes! Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Previous Next. Don't Miss. Though now that you mention it Posted 2 weeks ago — By Chase McPeak. Travel books simulate the sensations of sailing, sightseeing, and setting out to explore. Posted 3 hours ago — By Jahla Seppanen. Posted 4 days ago — By Pat Evans. You may need a mattress designed with you in mind. Posted 6 days ago — By Andrea Kornstein.

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The 10 Best Note Taking Apps in Evernote, OneNote, and Beyond

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