Mac foundation makeup artist kit

It's all about blending! Make sure you have the fairest color for your pale complexions, the darkest color for your deep ebony beauties, and a median range of other colors for the melanin in-between.


You can also create highlights and contours with different foundations too! Same with foundations, you do not need 20 colors. As long as you have 2 color correctors and 3 medium coverage concealers, for dark to light skin, you are good to go! I personally like using LA Girls correctors and pro concealers because they're affordable, have a full range of colors, and they provide medium to full coverage.

Eye shadows! If you ask any professional MUA, you will know that most clients request neutral to smokey eye looks. So you do not need to know how to create a rainbow on someone's eyelids -- leave that for IG.


As long as you know the basics of blending and transition coloring, you can get away with a 6 color eyeshadow palette. Some companies like BH Cosmetics have affordable palettes with up to 88 colors, and they can also be used for filling in the brows. Neutral powders help to minimize shine and highlight areas of the face. Lipsticks give your client's lips a bit of pop! Nude, Brown, Pink and Red can start your makeup kit off just right. Eyeliners and lip liners help to create winged eye looks, fill in brows, and shape lips.

These basics will have your makeup kit fully stocked and ready to take on any client, no matter their complexion. What are some things you have in your makeup kit? What are some brands you love? We'd love to hear from you! Sana Akibu is a former model turned beauty enthusiast now residing in New York City.

Project Face Makeup: My Makeup Kit: Founations and Concealers

She loves all things natural skincare, and currently operates her own skincare line; Natural Thrive Products. I have all the things I need for my clients, as typically they range from years old and are of similar skin tones, but with every new client I take on I go back through my kit and add anything else I think I might need for them. The rest was purchased myself, and it was NOT cheap.

I am very grateful to have my staff discount for MAC, and without it I definitely would not have ever been able to afford all the makeup I have!

Your All Inclusive Makeup STARTER KIT

A good tip I picked up from working at MAC is that you definitely do not need every single color of a product. Mixing products can be time consuming, but it saves money as well as space in your kit. If you are just starting out, then aim to get three shades of most everything - eg. This can apply to anything, including lipstick, powder, concealer, brow colors, and blush.

The most important thing to remember is that you should base your prices off of the products you are using, as well as your level of skill and experience. I only choose products I know work well and last, whether they are from Superdrug or Harvey Nichols. Think moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, brows, bronzer, etc. I have done that before and it is a nightmare and you start to panic, so try to avoid it at all costs by being thorough!

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I did a whole blog post about my favorite primers, and all the ones pictured are ones I use myself as well as in my kit. Its a refreshing mist with Glycerin in it, so things will adhere better to the skin but nowhere does it claim to prolong the life of makeup.

A few extras from us!

Saying that, its still one of my most used sprays for adding dewiness and intensifies eyeshadow colors. Another good tip is to get samples of foundations to keep in your kit, and every MAC counter will happily give these away for free. You are allowed 3 at a time, so collecting a few sample pots of colors you might not regularly use is always a good idea. I like to use loose powders as its more sanitary and lasts a lot longer than a pressed one would, but you can use whatever one you like best. There's actually a pressed one from Rimmel that works really well and a loose one from MUA which I used to use and found them to be great.

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I am also a bronzer junkie and have far too many in my kit. However they are super hyped up at the minute so my argument is often ignored. I did a whole blog post on my favorite ones, so check that out. I also use my Graftobian Warm Palette to cream contour with. It suits every single skin tone I have ever come across and is really a gorgeous product.

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  4. Its very compact and thin so it takes up almost no space in my kit.