Mac bluetooth mouse left click not working

I then left my battery in a freezer for a while to make any swelling go down and when I put it back, all working fine for now. So I might have to keep doing this if the problem comes back again: The mouse would move but neither the left or right buttons worked. It turned out to be simply a dirty connection on one of the batteries.

Removed the batteries, scraped the connection on the mouse, re-inserted the batteries and success! By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. OS stops receiving left primary mouse click Ask Question. I've got a frustrating problem that seems to have cropped up within the last two months or so. A restart solves the problem. Any ideas? What happens if you remove secondary click from the magic mouse configuration so it becomes a single button mouse with both sides giving primary click? Does it still lose the the primary click?

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Haven't tried that. It happens infrequently, so I'd hate to give up my right click, but perhaps I can give it a shot for a day or so to see what happens. What's your reasoning for trying this? Purely to confirm as a software issue. If the right hand side exhibits the same issue as the left then it's software which given you have a similar issue with the trackpad is almost a given. If RHS does not exhibit the same issue, then software is less likely but makes your trackpad issue an oddity.

I stated having the same problem with an older macbook pro without a separate trackpad or mouse. Added a track pad, think the built in one had died. No luck. Works for a while and so does the trackpad. Only the primary click goes away. It act to me like some sort of memory leak that overwrites the control of the primary mouse click. You running anything that might be interfering with clicks, like a third party driver? Double check that you don't have any stuck keys on your keyboard by testing all the keys, particularly the modifiers shift, option, etc.

Make sure there aren't any wizards, alerts, or dialogs hidden behind existing windows or in other spaces this one gets me often, especially running the odd mix of programs I use daily.

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Adam Davis Adam Davis 6, 12 49 Attached Images Screen Shot at I have tried to go to system preferences, but cannot make any changes because I can only right click. I am using a USB mouse. I brought it to the apple repair place and it had no problem at all, with both wired and wireless mouse. I brought it home, and I still have the same problem!

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Turn off the device or replace the batteries or disable bluetooth on your computer and your left click should start working again. Disabling bluetooth worked for me. Lizardchaser's response was perfect. That solved my problem.

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Originally Posted by lizardchaser. Originally Posted by harryb It seems that my "mobile" bluetooth magic mouse was in my backpack, within range of my iMac, and turned on.

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  8. It was interfering with my iMac mouse. Thanks a million. Originally Posted by CateNip. Solved Most likely cause, Another of your peripherals is interfering with your mac, in my case heavy weight was placed on top of my track pad causing the click event left mouse down removed weight and I was good to go.

    Well after six years I guess they bhad solved it! Originally Posted by kevincbase. No left click.