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Apple has posted notice that Mac OS X Chrome browser versions 42 and above. Starting with Chrome version 42, Chrome has disabled the standard way in which browsers support plugins. More info. Mac OS X Apple's Java comes pre-installed with your Mac OS. Java is not pre-installed with Mac OS X versions If you have Java 7 or later versions, you will see a Java icon under System Preferences.

Java versions 6 and below are listed in the Java Preferences. If you do not see a Java icon under System Preferences, Java 7 or later versions is not installed. If you are running a Java application in the browser, you will need to also check that Java is enabled in your browser.

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For earlier versions of Java, check the Apple Support site. You would think that if Java covers these games why not the others. As your blog indicated, my Java has been blocked. I followed the instructions for Update Software under the apple icon but that last time my Java plug-in to Mozilla was updated was June Any suggestions on how to resolve except for upgrade Mac OS? I have the same problem. I am using Mac OS X In fact, there is no update. Java works fine in Safari and Google Chrome.

It also works fine in Firefox if using OS Lion. Will this be resolved any time soon? See the blog post on Mac OS X If you really need Java, you can re-enable it at your own risk. However, you should know that it is an unsafe version that can get your system compromised. I would recommend enabling it only when necessary and keeping it disabled the rest of the time. You can use it, at your own risk. You should be able to enable the plugin in the Add-ons Manager. If you really need Java you can re-enable it at your own risk.

As of May 23, , Firefox 12 is blocking Java 6 update 32 across all the workstations on my network. According to Oracle, 6u32 is up-to-date and not in any way vulnerable. Due to compatibility issues, we have absolutely no plans to deploy Java 7 at this time. Can you give us the Java plugin information you see in about: Jay, I feel your pain….

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FF and Sun Java have combined to make me waste almost two full days trying to get them to play nice together…. Upgraded from FF 3. As is every time I tried, despite disabling various Java options. Wiped the drive of V7. Used a registry tweaker to find all messed up reg entries, ones I may have missed in my manual search. Rebooted again. uses cookies.

Jan 31, 4: It sounds like the same problem that I am having today, only I am using Firefox. I've tried using Safari and get the same problem. Hope someone comes up with a solution, as I am going to have to resort to using my Windows 7 VM for now. We had the same Problem in our Enterprise. Worldwide Macs weren't able to start any java applications from Jan 31, 5: Great find! You are my hero this morning haha. I spent the last 2 hours trying to fix or find a solution to this with no luck. Our school uses a Student Information system that is Java based so no Java is not an option!

Worked for me when many, many other attempts did not. Java changed this morning without notice for me, but after running the script, all is well. If you get a message saying "invalid arguments" after cutting and pasting that command line, try removing the space before "plist", as there shouldn't be a space there. Here it is with the space as above:. Jan 31, 8: We too are a large school district with a java based student information system.

This command fixed it, but we have thousands of machines that we have to run this. At least we have Apple Remote Desktop.

Java patched again, Snow Leopard users blocked from older version (Updated)

What happened? Is Apple responsible for this? Which is kinda crappy, since there is no mention of that in the Java Jan 31, 9: Thanks very much, Shirkan. Security vulnerablities?? Oracle issued the latest update to Java earlier this month to fix a serious zero-day security flaw.

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The threat was so serious that the U. Department of Homeland Security had recommended that all Java 7 users disable or uninstall the software until a patch was issued. Apple took action on its own and quietly disabled the plugin through its OS X anti-malware system.

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Because Oracle has yet to issue a newer version of Java that addresses any outstanding issues, Mac users are prevented from running Java on their system. Java vulnerabilities have been a common exploit used by malicious hackers looking to exploit the OS X platform. Most notably, the "Flashback" trojan that spread last year was said to have infected as many as , Macs worldwide at its peak.