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In this powerful track preparation view you are presented with an even bigger library and a large single deck view, ideal for preparing cue points, loops, and beat grids. Spotify integration in djay includes all of your existing playlists, starred and saved songs, powerful search capabilities, charts, browse, and Match for intelligent song recommendations.

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Lean back and automate your sets in advance with stunning transitions. Using machine learning and training sets from human DJs, Automix AI intelligently identifies rhythmic patterns and the best intro and outro sections of songs. Automix AI calculates optimal fade durations and automatically applies parameter changes to EQs and filters for a seamless transition. You can simply drag an album or a selection of photos onto the visual decks and djay Pro 2 instantly creates a perfectly beat-matched slideshow based on the music that is playing.

You can also apply effects to your photos in just the same way as video, as well project the visual output via an external monitor through HDMI or AirPlay. At the heart djay Pro is an innovative DJ Software with a modern user interface that provides flexible layers of functionality alongside a powerful music library into a single window interface. You can now also assign names to all your saved loops and cue points.

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Effects, EQs, filters and loops all benefit from major quality enhancements. Audio effects have been significantly improved in djay Pro 2. Effects can now be assigned post fader so that closing a fader no longer means shutting off effects tails. This is especially useful if you work with a laptop and want to add frequently used features to your setup via the keyboard. The video mode in djay Pro allows you to mix photos and videos live and apply stunning audio reactive visualizers to your songs, perfectly synchronized to the music. You can also enable Split Mode which allows you to crossfader audio and video independently.

You can use any font installed on your Mac, and pick the colour, opacity and location for the title. In addition to its extensive video mixing capabilities, djay Pro gives you the ability to record your sets including all audio, video, overlays and effects. Apply stunning audio reactive visualizers to your songs, perfectly synchronized to the music. The motion graphics are generated in real-time based on the parameters such as tempo, beats, frequency of the currently playing track.

DJ Software - VirtualDJ - Download VirtualDJ

From monitors and TVs to projectors, djay pro has the ability to output HD video. Preview and prepare the next song through headphones: It enables you to map each hardware control on your device to individual actions in djay Pro and customize your setup to match your style and performance needs. Any of our supported hardware accessories for djay Pro work plug-and-play out of the box.

This allows you to effortlessly setup your preferred DJ system. You can browse your library including Spotify right from your CDJ. Its instant audio configuration also allows for staged takeover from the previous DJ.

Reinventing DJ Software. Again.

Learn More. Love Cross DJ Free. I have installed several DJ software. I feel this app is the best one I have had to date.

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All the professional tools are at my fingertips. Do not buy this app for old macs! Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description The most professional free DJ software.

Virtual DJ for Mac

Please take some time to support us and rate our app: Fix sound cards without audio input channel. Bug fix for Version 3. Blend tracks seamlessly, create mash-ups in seconds and record smooth mixtapes. Indeed, the 2. Accurate Key detection for smooth harmonic mixes There's accurate build-in key detection right in Cross DJ: Key can be displayed in classic notation or harmonic code, making it easy to find matching tracks.

Key control and dynamic display Key is just as important as BPM.

How to get Djay Pro v2.02 for FREE!! (No Torrents)

Cross DJ displays it straight into the deck header. Match it automatically to the master deck, or change the pitch manually by semi-tones. The dynamic key display reflects those changes, and turns white when in harmony.

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Browsing by key is now super easy: Focus on other search criterias, and the key still pops up. Easy browsing with new full screen collection Selection is the heart of DJing.

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  • The collection view is now more intuitive than ever with the new mini-players. Additionally, you can now drag and drop tracks between players and samplers - useful when you have only one turntable or CDJ.