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No matter what I try to do, I can't seem to fix the issue. Can anyone help out? All of the computers have had Windows 7 as their Here is a helpful article from the makers of the Action Replay. I was having the same problem and just I use to have the disc for the playstation 2 code manager and I tried to find it from the codejunkies site but all they have is the code manager for DS. No, Unless you have bought the cd that comes with it you're not in luck.

But i suggest downloading a Where can I find an action replay code manager for mac? Where can I find the program Picture Manager?

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Where can i find free sim unlock code for LG thrill 4g? My trick is to observe that the IOSurfaces sent over to my application from the Window Server are writeable. The Window Server apparently rotates through a small handful of them, so I can't hang on to them for more than a few frames or I risk a backlog, but what I can do is quickly modify them, and this is a lot faster than trying to copy them. So, I do a quick blit to a small scratch texture to save aside the pixels in the area where the cursor is, then I composite the cursor into the original full screen texture I got from the Window Server.

If the mouse cursor moves without a screen update which can and should happen when the Window Server is using the hardware cursor overlay , then I can use that scratch texture I saved aside to undo the cursor compositing I did earlier, and then I have a clean canvas on which to re-composite the cursor at its new location. Finally, if there is no mouse cursor, because you're playing a game without one or you're watching a video, then we can go down an even faster code path and avoid all of the cursor compositing magic. RetroClip stores the encoded H.

The goal in RetroClip for buffering this video is to hold it in memory as efficiently as possible, and to have stable memory use over days or weeks of use. Additionally, when the user requests to save a clip, we want to do this as quickly as possible. My first pass was to just put the reference counted pointers to the frames output from the video encoder into a queue.

This works OK, but it has two downsides: The solution to both of these problems is to use a circular queue to store the encoded video data end to end without any fragmentation. As new frames are generated, we write them at the head, and we can forget about old frames at the tail simply by incrementing a pointer.

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Mike Ash wrote a very interesting series of articles about using mach virtual memory tricks to avoid having to expose segmented objects that are split across the edge of a circular queue, and you should definitely read it if you haven't already, but I actually don't need to use this trick myself in RetroClip. This is because the code that writes out the mp4 file already can easily handle a split frame if necessary.

Fortunately, there is still an opportunity to do a mach virtual memory trick. What's neat is, the copy isn't really a copy, it's just some new virtual memory page table entries pointing to the same physical memory containing the video data as the original. Only as new frames are received and written to the original do the contents of the circular buffers begin to diverge, and the kernel handles finding new memory to store the data for us transparently.

And because doing a contiguous write of 40 or 80 MB from memory to disk is incredibly fast these days, much faster than the incoming data rate from the H. As purveyors of real native Mac software , Nick and I occasionally worry that we are ignoring the advancing capabilities of web browsers as application platforms. Regarding our first product a couple years ago, a Hacker News reader confidently wrote:. Also all the stated reasons for using native are actually wrong and just as possible in web app, or will be by end of As it's already , we knew we had to get with the times.

While at first, I just wanted to make a video, write a blurb, and have a Mac App Store link for our website, Nick quickly convinced me that I could and should do better.

Where can I find an action replay code manager for mac?

So, last week, armed with nothing else besides the latest version of Safari and my trusty text editor , I set off to port RetroClip to the web. My first challenge was to figure out how to do H. Using the hardware encoder was obviously off limits, but I figured doing software encoding on a background thread would have to suffice. I found a couple of projects that aimed at doing it, but I was hoping to do better than 25MB of uncompressed javascript. I wasn't about to write my own H. And, it turns out, it is.

It works out to about KB of uncompressed web assembly, and it will encode scaled image data to H.

RetroClip: Instant Replay for your Mac

Once the video encoding piece of the puzzle was solved, I was confident that RetroClip for Web could become a reality. In the end, it wasn't too hard. Granted, an environment in which one can only run RetroClip is a bit too self-referential to be of any practical use beyond marketing RetroClip for Mac , but I figure, with the ground work I've already done, I will have a leg up on porting other Cocoa apps to the web.

Hey, it worked for North a few years ago, and now with the advent of exciting new web technologies it might be time to revisit the idea. As you can tell from this way too long blog post, a lot of work went in to RetroClip. If you're a Ship customer, you're probably wondering how this affects Ship.

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  7. The answer is, we're still working hard on Ship, and I wrote RetroClip in my spare time and decided to release it because it's neat. If you're not already a Ship user, and you use GitHub and a Mac, you should check it out.

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    You might ask, now that the idea of RetroClip is manifest as a shipping app, where is the video of me winning at Fortnite? Well, the answer is that it's really hard to win at Fortnite. Download RetroClip and record your own victory if you think it's so easy. If you happen to work on the Window Server, I apologize for the gross oversimplification.