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As I see, that configuration is not so different from mine it only includes more options , so I daresay it would give the same results as the one that I already tried. That is to assign static IP addresses to the users based on their MAC addresses, so that each user will get a unique IP address via DHCP and will not be able to change it to a different one statically. Is that a file that includes the DHCP mapping? I read somewhere it can be done that way, but that file needs to be in a TFTP server.

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Where is located that file in your configuration example? Any other way to configure this? I think the feature you need is IP Source Guard. The user can only transmit packets with the source IP it recieves from the DHCP server, and then you create the static bindings and control the clients.

As I have checked in the link you provided, the solution that I want may be given by IP source guard. Then I have to define a dhcp snooping database in an external file like one located in a TFTP server.

I don't find much information about what it is for or how to configure it. To configure that IP source guard I have to to this:. Will they give any error if they are applied in interswitch link ports? What is that for? How do I configure it? You only need to activate the features on the End Device facing ports. So only the access layer. Trust all other ports the upllinks to the The configuration for the i pretty much the same: The IPsg configuration has to be done in access ports those connected to the final users , right?

You will experience packet loss if you enable it on uplink ports, because the DHCP snooping wont have a binding table for traffic on that port. Forget the stuff about the external DB, it is only used if you want the DB to be persistent accross switch reboots, but if the switch reboots the clients ask for a new address and the table is rebuilt in RAM. Take a look at dynamic ARP inspection as well, then you have the full access layer protection packet: I guess it should be the best way to get more security in most cases. Is that configuration consistent with the previous configuration of the DHCP Snooping specially with the database previously discussed?.

Should I do I have to configure both mappings with the same information? Do you believe it's useful to apply this in my scenario?

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What advantages could I have if I do so? If you want DAI or not is completely up to you. It will give you resistance to MiTM attacks, and you have all the features enabled for it to work. I am not quite sure if you over complicate the setup, or if it is complicated, so remember to test the features in a lab before you apply it to production. These days I extensively tried making the configurations we have been discussing, but I have been partially successful. F5 This solution seems to work, because if I change the IP addresses of either user to any other one, the user loses connectivity.

They will be assigned the IP addresses I did not try assigning them another IP address via static configuration. I get confusing information about this topic from different sources some pages say that I should exclude those addresses, and some others say I don't have to.

The goal is that the users will be given "DHCP addresses" but defined by me , so if they want to change them to other static IP addresses they will lose connectivity. How do I have to configure that static dhcp bindings joined to the IPsg configuration? I suspect the problem is around here I suffered problems in other vlans like wireless vlans , and I suspect it's because of that snooping activation. By the way, should I also "trust" the uplink port to an access point attached to the access switch?

What about ports connected to servers? Thanks in advance for your cooperation and patience. I think we are close to the solution. I am not forgetting that I have to mark your posts as "correct solution" once we are finished. First of all. There are two ways to set up manual bindings; one is for the Windows host, and the other is for non-Windows hosts. The reason for two different commands is that a PC that runs with Windows modifies its MACs, and a 01 is added at the beginning of the address.

These are the sample configurations:. Use the show ip dhcp server bindings commands to make sure the servers get the right address. You should configure dhcp trust on all connections towards the DHCP server.

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Hope this helps, and i know i didn't answer some of you questions, but lets start somewhere and work your way to the top: What you say it's very reasonable: To work in parts, one topic at a time using the test topology that I attach again a little better drawn in this post. I will not exclude those Also it will somehow create "three dhcp pools: It is correct, right? It should come out like this:. Actually the last configuration you have published is right, while you have a missed command!

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David Chancusi. I would like to ask for help with the following topic: I attach a diagram with the topology. I tried creating a bunch of manual bindings in the HDCP server configuration using the following commands: It apparently succeeded, because I got this kind of answer: One that behaves like this: That being said: Thanks in advance for any help in this topic. If you need any more information, please let me know. LAN Switching and Routing. Everyone's tags 1. I have this problem too.

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