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Mac OS X 10.5.1 Update

How to type with 10 fingers featured. FolderOrg File Managers. Dragon Search General. Over time, Microsoft has filled out Office to function as a user's sole interface, not only to the system, but to the network and the services wired into it. It usually falls to IT to extend Office's capabilities at the server layer, and at great expense. As to cost, when tallied frankly, the price of a single commercial Windows desktop in an enterprise is potentially infinite, and it is a continuous and growing expense.

It is so burdensome that outsourcing the management of Windows clients is another Microsoft-fed industry.

Even hard-core Windows shops concede that point. Likewise, nobody pays for outsourced management of Mac desktops or servers. OS X takes care of that.

New in Reason 10

Starting Leopard Now that you understand how Leopard got its plus features new frameworks extended to the Mac's out-of-the-box user experience and where it fits, I can move into the review proper. Here, I do not presume that the reader is familiar with the Mac beyond the groundwork that I have laid above. There are three ways for users to get the Leopard client: OS X installs without requiring registration, activation, or a product key.

Discussion of this suite is beyond the mission of this review. These elements are well worth discussing in a commercial context, much more so than the multimedia that's in the box with costly editions of Vista. Rather than taking the space here, I'll address iLife '08 in my Enterprise Mac blog. This reboots the Mac from the DVD drive. Unless you've done something really weird with your Mac, the upgrade process migrates your existing user and application settings so that when you reboot after the upgrade, everything works as before, but Leopard comes in.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Guided Tour (Full Version)

One snag that commercial users hit during migration is the deactivation of applications that require license keys or online purchase validation. Such applications will demand registration on their first launch, making it all the more critical that you keep a record of your registration keys.

Following installation, Leopard activates Software Update, a free service that rapidly checks your Mac against available updates. All Apple-branded software is covered by Software Update, so it's important to run it again if you install new software after Leopard is running. Leopard comes with a short printed manual that walks you through its features.

It will strike Mac newcomers as bizarre that this tiny manual actually takes a green user from baffled to productive, and with no condescension, no disarming cuteness, and no intimidation. You get used to that. It's common to all Apple documentation and services. Spoiling users in productive ways Leopard is intrinsically integrated from the core to the bundled apps, making Leopard useful straight out of the box, no extra software required.

What We’d Lose Today

That hasn't been the case to this point. Leopard is the first release of OS X that, if made and sold by a competitor, would bankrupt Apple. The trouble with plus new features is that even Mac users might fear being knocked off balance, if not buried under an avalanche of newness. And yes, is a verifiable claim, shy of reality if anything; that figure doesn't include a lot of the new system-level and developer goodies. Millions of users were just finding their rhythm with Tiger OS X Won't most of this go to waste simply because professional users don't have time to stop working and play with the mountain of toys that Apple put under their trees?

The mind-stretcher with Leopard is that the features actually make OS X simpler. You don't have to pull in pieces from elsewhere and fire up AppleScript to flesh out a maximally productive environment. Leopard users will spend far less time bouncing from app to app, or from one System Preferences the Mac's Control Panel pane to another, to wire up their workflows. Insider tips are no longer required. With Leopard, Apple has brought everything to the surface. The beautiful part is that the way Apple put Leopard together, the new features don't carry a learning curve. They just seem to appear when you reach for them.

Reason (free version) download for Mac OS X

I worked constantly and deeply with Leopard before slogging through Apple's overwhelming master list of Leopard enhancements to make sure that Apple kept its promises. It did. That tedious work done, I'd rather relate some direct experiences with the features that just appeared when I needed them while I was using Leopard. It is by no means a representative sample or a greatest hits remix.

Leopard doesn't lend itself to that. I'll just tell you about some of the things that jumped into my hand when I stretched it out. No matter how big our displays are, they're never big enough. OS X is so slim and fast that Mac users immediately take up the habit of leaving apps and documents open so that they can easily multitask. I multitask best on the two-headed dual display Mac Pro in my lab. But an hour into any work session with that machine, I've managed to fill two displays with deep layers of overlapping windows and begun wishing I had another display, and then another.

Now I have them. Spaces creates a set of virtual desktops, each the size of your entire display, that you can flip into the foreground with one keystroke or one click.

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