Windows partition auf mac wiederherstellen

To continue with the restore, shut down this computer and boot it from a Windows installation disc or a system repair disc and then try the restore again. If you don't have a system repair disc, you can create one now. Posted on Dec 25, 6: Page content loaded. Dec 26, 8: Windows System Image restore assumes that it owns the entire hard disk, not just the designated partition.

Fixing a Broken EFI Partition on Mac

You need to fully install W10 on the larger partition, and then use the restore function, not using the installation media. Be aware that such a restore has problems. The larger disk partition size does not match the smaller size of the C: Dec 27, 1: Is this possible? Also, what kind of problems could I potentially run into, and how big of a risk is it?

I'm trying to avoid having to re-install my applications and settings on my new Win10 partition as much as possible, but will if there is no safe workaround. Dec 27, 5: No, you do not need to delete the macOS HS part. You just cannot use the Installer to restore a System Image.

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Install Windows fully and then restore Windows. Also, there are commercial tools, for example Winclone, which may help you do this much more easily. I will attach the message error below. Could not rotate the picture sorry. Jan 26, 1: I have the exact same issue! I would be so grateful if anyone has a solution to this Is there any way to restore my system image from my external hard drive? Jan 26, 2: It is possible to restore a Windows image, but you need to have a working installation which is large disk-specs wise and then use the System Image Restore from within Windows.

Well, this is when it gets tricky for me: At no point during the Windows installation I am offered to restore my backup. The installation goes through, and I get a fresh install. It asks me what drive to restore from, I choose my external hard drive, it then displays the message pictured above, in Abelaj50's message.

Once you build it, then you can try and restore, but be careful, because if it wants to erase the destination disk, you will lose macOS. I repaired the disk, but it seems to be recurring. Replace its contents with a working Mac Recovery Partitions content. Oh, getting it: Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are a hero. Bacon saved, also SSD and sanity. Feel like a million bucks today! Thank you again!

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Fixing a Broken EFI Partition on Mac

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