Mac os x boot menu key

Upon appearance of the happy face, let go of any boot keys you may have needed, then immediately press any keys you need to control Control Invoke MacsBug upon startup.

Option In Mac OS 9. Release Shift when the message "Extensions disabled" appears in the welcome box.

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Space Open extension manager before loading Extensions or Control Panels. Release the Space bar when the Extensions Manager displays its screen. Holding the Shift key early in the boot sequence disables all Extensions and Control Panels.

There are times when your Mac may misbehave and refuse to boot into OS X.

Individual Extensions and Control Panels may disable themselves upon seeing the Shift key later in the boot sequence, but the timing for this is difficult to achieve! Verbose mode may highlight the problem extension, allowing you to reboot in Safe mode, remove the offending item, then boot as normal and try again. Is your Mac old enough to have an optical drive? Holding C while your computer boots forces macOS to ignore your startup volume in favor of bootable optical media instead. Trying to boot from the wrong optical volume?

This allows companies to customize macOS to their liking and create custom images for specific users, then deploy it network-wide without modifying every machine. If you have set your Mac to login automatically, you can tell it to ignore this setting by holding Left Shift after the boot screen a white Apple logo and progress bar appears. Want to stop all your login items and previous session windows from opening on launch?

Mac startup keys

When you get to the login screen, enter your password as normal then click on the Log In button or hit Enter. Immediately press and hold the Shift key while your Mac logs in and boots up. Read More , and we recommend that you learn them now so you can rely on them when you really need them. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

macOS Hidden Treasures: 15 Startup Key Combinations

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Quick overview of Mac startup key combinations

Boot into Startup Manager. From here you can select different startup disks if any bootable partitions are available.

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Boot into Recovery Mode. You can use it to reinstall macOS, restore from a Time Machine backup or use Disk Utility to repair or format your hard drive. This allows you to reinstall the build of macOS that came with your computer from the factory. Start in single user, command-line-only mode. Boot in verbose mode. This mode displays logging and diagnostic messages as your Mac boots. If your Mac is showing the Apple logo but failing to start completely, try this step to see where in the boot process the error occurs.

Then release the keys after about twenty seconds.

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  8. During the reset process it might seem like your Mac is restarting before starting up normally. Reset the SMC on an Apple laptop. The SMC, or System Management Controller, is responsible for low-level hardware functionality like fan speed, battery charging and sleep routines.