Mac os x lion server file sharing error reading settings

Where do I look next for a clue as to what is wrong or what might need to be fixed so I can resume using Server to manage the web sharing service? The service is running it serves up web pages , but I'd like to get control back of the settings or at least know what has broken to prevent the Server app from reading the settings.

I finally have had the chance to blow away this pesky server and no amount of digging yielded a clue how to avoid a reset of www - so that's what I did. I had since updated it to I shut down all services except for File Sharing, DNS and Open Directory and did the following steps to force down apache and force a reset. Even trying to stop the web service using sudo serveradmin stop web kept failing with the errors above about xswebconfig and undefined methods of nil classes. At this point refreshing the Server app corrected the errors reading the settings.

Thanks to this hint on cleaning up apache to get me most of the way to my solution.

Mac OS X Lion Server

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Mac 10.6 OS X Tutorial - File Sharing -AFP FTP and SMBS

Server balks at reading the web settings Ask Question. Apr 25 NilClass Apr 25 I will try to poke at this some more and see if I can find anything else. Have you upgraded to Meltemi - also - it's best to up vote questions where you want them to gain attention.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Mac mini, Mac OS X Posted on Feb 17, 4: Page content loaded. Apr 2, 9: Same issue here. Updarted to Apr 22, 7: Apr 23, 8: Ever since I upgraded to I've tried everything I've read through the forums, including deleting the com.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it, I'd be very grateful. Apr 23, 9: Apr 23, No, sadly that doesn't do anything. May 2, 4: It appears that May 5, 8: May 5, 5: Jun 9, 1: Jun 21, 3: Jul 11, 7: I had this happen last ngiht and your fix got me running in just a few moments!!! This is going in my book of fixes to remember!!

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Aug 23, 3: Sep 26, 6: Beno 44's tip seems to have gotten things back in working order. Jan 22, I use network based Time Machine to back up several workstations in our lab. File Sharing failed, thus Time Machine failed.

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One word of caution, however; all was working quite smoothly, until eventually File Sharing failed again, with the same error messages. The second major failure must have occurred about a month later. It is unclear to me what may have triggered it. If anyone has any ideas, please post.