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The StreamCorruptedException might be a due to a bad client requests. Please come back to report what resolved the problem. We are using tomcat7 This morning the cpu was maxed out and the webserver was very sluggish. Any thoughts on what could have caused this? What was OpenMRS doing at the time? Do the logs show anything of interest?

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IOException while loading persisted sessions: This is very likely to create a memory leak. Apr 15, 9: NamedThreadLocal] value [Transactional resources] and a value of type [java. Threads are going to be renewed over time to try and avoid a probable memory leak. Thank you, Harsha. Take thread dumps of the java process. The thread dumps will appear on the tomcat logs, the one for stdout. A tool like https: A set of useful options: Can you explain? Thanks, Adam. HTH, Harsha. The offending thread is this one: Does this mean you have a found a solution, b given up or c gone elsehwere?

If option A or c and you inform the rest of us learning from your skillset and efforts? I have run into that problem in past upgrades.. I still have the same problem and have not found a solution yet. When I have tmie I am going to do a clean install and see if that helps. Sep 15, Hi dtruex, sorry for the confusion.

This is not a stopped thread. This is still an issue and I haven't found a resolution yet. My reply on Sept. I am able to stop the problem process, but it is not a resolution. It's just a poor workaround that takes hours to finally get it to stop. The problem reappears when the system is shutdown and restarts. Sep 16, 6: Sep 18, 1: Not installed Java yet Sep 18, No, I didn't do a Time Machine restore.

I only used the Time Machine backups for the data files in my user folder I didn't do anything complicated, just a simple drag and drop.

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After copying my data files, I installed my needed applications one by one. That was because one of the applications I installed required Java.

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  • Things ran fine for an hour or two after all the needed apps were installed and then the problem started happening. Found the problem. I found some command line thing to look and what java app was actually being launched, removed it from my system and now have no more problem.

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    Sep 19, Glad to hear your Leopard or Lion is purring quietly. Yeah I also wish in that post that Geoff Fitch would have posted the solution that worked for him. I think that would have helped a lot of us out. Sep 23, Sep 24, 6: Thanks for your response and suggestion Roger. I have had both the latest Java for Lion and Flash Player since before my original post.

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    I double checked before replying. I still continue to have the issue. Java is not a simple program. It is an Operating Environment used by many software Applications. Seeing that it is running does not tell you what started it, or what it is doing.


    More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: SenorRosales SenorRosales. Thank you in advance! Leave a comment on 3arw0rm's reply. At least, I try to have a lower FPS otherwise! Here's a good example of it: Is it an issue with Processing on OS X?

    "java" using 100% CPU all the time

    Is it a Java issue? Is it experienced by all other Mac users? That's a nice idea, though it doesn't seem to work for me. I tried removing the Java subfolder in both 1. I also tried removing Processing preference files from Library folder, and the Java application stub that sits in the MacOS subfolder by subfolder, I assume you're referring to inside the Processing OS X application bundle?

    When I set the preferences in Processing, I've checked 'run applications in 64bit mode' - is that not using Java in 64 bit capabilities? Anyway, I do wonder if it is possible to run another Java version with Processing.

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    It's a pity. And both worked flawlessly! Perhaps it is more complicated on MacOS. Topic Type: Discussions Questions.