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Please try to run you program with these options: These two options helped fixing the situation with bad rendering on Windows: Probably you have an Intel video card or optimus? Please try to update to the latest possible driver from the official site or disable optimus. This is not the point. Java runs inside the VM.

Why the user of my HelloWorld should know anything about video card drivers? Swing uses java2d to paint a components.

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Java2D can use different approaches on the different platforms: In your case there is a problem in d3d implementation, which is selected by default in your environment. Is the bug finally in the java bug tracking system? If so, could you provide us the appropriate ID?

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Notify me of new posts via email. JFrame; import javax. In JDK 1. Previous Back From Ukraine. It looks like there is a bug in Java 8 fixed in Java 9 https: I installed JDK 11 on my system, but can't figure out how to make Freeplane use it. Java 11 is now the default version at least from the command-line. It stubbornly wants to keep using 1. Unfortunately oracle introduced incompatible API change in Java 9. Freeplane does not support it yet. May be next year. I installed Freeplane 1.

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I tried all the above steps again to make it use Java 11 set environment variables, run from shell prompt, etc but I can't get it to use Java I tried to change it to "jdk Is there something special I need to do to make macOS run this under Java 11? Oh wait I see that Info. Thank you for raising the issue again. Freeplane for MacOS still uses java 8 packaging and embeds java 8 library. I need to spend some work here.

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Available Java2D rendering pipelines on Mac OS X/Java 6

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Next Release. Macbook Pro. Dan Jakubiec. Let me know if there is other information I can provide.

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