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After the expiration of any trial period without conversion, most features of the trial software will stop running.

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After the expiration of your trial period, you are legally obligated to discontinue your use of the software and uninstall it. Hardware or software you use to pool connections or reduce the number of devices or users that directly access or use the software sometimes referred to as "multiplexing" or "pooling" does not reduce the number of licenses you need.

The single user version of the software may not be shared, installed or used concurrently on different computers. Remote Access. The single primary user of the licensed device may access and use the software installed on the licensed device remotely from any other device. You may allow other users to access the software to provide you with support services. You do not need additional licenses for this access.

No other person may use the software under the same license at the same time for any other purpose. Network Use. If you have a Concurrent User Version License of the Software, you may install the Software on the temporary memory, hard disk drive, or other storage device of a single computer which is accessible by multiple computers, such as a network server.

Activation associates the use of the software with a specific device. During activation, the software will send information about the software and the device to AEC. This information may include the software version, the license version, the language and the product ID of the software, the Internet protocol address of the device and information derived from the hardware configuration.

After the time recommended for activation expires, your rights to use the software will be limited until the software is activated. This is to prevent its unlicensed use. You can activate the software over the Internet. Internet service charges may apply. Some changes to your computer components or the software may require you to reactivate the software. The software may from time to time update or require download of the validation feature of the software.

Validation verifies that the software has been activated and is properly licensed. Validation also permits you to use certain features of the software or to obtain additional benefits. During a validation check, the software will send information about the software to AEC.

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This information includes the version of the software and the product key. AEC does not use the information to identify or contact you. If the software is not properly licensed, the functionality of the software may be affected. For example, you may need to reactivate the software, or receive reminders to obtain a properly licensed copy of the software, or not obtain certain updates, upgrades or services from AEC.

You may only obtain updates or upgrades for the software from AEC or authorized sources. FastTrack Schedule provides Internet-based services with the software, such as features in the software can retrieve related content from AEC and provide it to you. Examples of these features include templates, updates and online assistance. You may choose not to use these Internet-based services. Except as otherwise noted in materials accompanying a service, AEC may change or cancel them at any time.

These Internet-based services connect to FastTrack Schedule or service provider computer systems over the Internet.

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In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice when they connect. Single Installation. You may install and use the Software on the temporary memory or hard disk drive or other storage device of any single computer. However, you may not under any circumstances have the Software installed onto the temporary memory or hard drives or other storage devices of two or more computers at the same time with a single user license.

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If you wish to use the Software on more than one computer, you must either erase the Software from the first hard drive before you install it onto a second hard drive, or else license an additional copy of the Software for each additional computer on which you want to use it. If you acquired a Single User Version License of this Software for business purposes, and installed it on a single stand-alone computer, you may, for your convenience, allow the primary user of the Software to also install an additional copy of the Software on a second, portable device for the exclusive use of the primary user of the first copy of the Software.

If the Software will be used on both computers at the same time, you must purchase another license. If the Software is licensed at an education discount, then the Software may only be used by enrolled students, faculty, teachers and administrators at an accredited K educational institution or equivalent or higher education institution organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of teaching its students. After installing the upgrade, you may no longer use the original software that formed the basis for your upgrade eligibility, except as part of the upgraded software.

The veteran producer and brainchild behind the new Netflix kids' science series says that salvation OneNote is flexible and much liked. But if it doesn't work exactly like you want, you have plenty of This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Over the years I've experienced more than my fair share of unfriendly applications.

I can safely say that Fasttrack Schedule 9 takes the garbage cake, hands down. I have never had to do so much in order to accomplish so little. Formatting is awful; there's no access to the elegant OS X Show Fonts menu; adding a Text Shadow looks the same as Fasttrack's grotesque font outline attribute; managing outline styles, column styles and other styling options is incredibly clumsy and bass-ackwards. It takes far too long to figure out how to do things that should be so evident, simple, logical, intuitive.

To top it off, searching the manual for names, topics, titles and phrases specific to Fasttrack, more often than not will turn up zero results! In other words these boobs not only botched the usability, they didn't even document HOW to accomplish some of Fasttrack's idiosyncratic nonsense! And as mentioned in a previous post, Fasttrack licensing is out of it's mind nuts!

Talk about holding on waaaaay too tightly. Forget trying to test drive this in any real manner. And even if you do invest in Fasttrack so help you god , you won't be able to use it at home on your desktop and then on the road with your laptop because of the old world license restrictions. In a nutshell, if you love that Windows 95 look and feel, then Fasttrack plus a handful of AEC's own moronic twists is the package for you!

Otherwise, save yourself the hassle of having to return this grade A crap and go look at Merlin or if you're patient enough to wait for it to grow up, OmniPlan. I'm sure there's some other options as well; anything's better than Fasttrack, including the oldschool pen and paper! Was this review helpful? It is therefore not ready for pro work. If you do only simple duration tracking, by all means buy it.

You ARE heading in the right direction! I would give 5 stars with these features and an improvement in stability - it did crash twice within first 24 hours so that avg hrs before failure is only 12 hrs! I just installed the newest version and version 8. They made nice improvements. Glad to see them supporting Mac. Files are binary compatible with the Windows version and there is a Palm version too. This version is a great Mac OS X product. The Concurrent-User Version is licensed to be installed on a network server, enabling users to access and use the FastTrack Schedule application remotely from the network server enabling any user who has access to the server where FastTrack Schedule is installed to run the application, so long as the number of concurrent licenses purchased is not exceeded.

Available in 5, 10, and User configurations, FastTrack Schedule 10 Concurrent-User Versions provide all the key features of the popular desktop version plus many other time and cost saving benefits.

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AEC Software can also create custom configurations of the Concurrent-User Version for quantities greater than five users. Network administrators can also establish a global default schedule and templates by capturing preferred settings for dates, data columns, layouts, filters, and sorts—even bar styles and milestones. FastTrack Schedule's concurrent-user versions are also upwardly scalable.