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Type your cron job, for example: Type ZZ to exit vim must be capital letters.

Terminal 101: Creating Cron Jobs

You should see the following message: You can verify the crontab file by using crontab -l. On the Mac you can set nano as your default editor with: JohnHunt You should try: Dec 21 '13 at 0: Nicklas A More complex to type though.. X - several times as a noob unix dude I encrypted files and exited with no idea what I entered as the encryption key!

ZZ seems much safer: Michael Campbell Michael Campbell 1, 1 14 Rohmer No, you can't. All that does is modify the currently running set of instructions your cron uses; it doesn't edit the file from which those instructions came. Try it; you'll see that cron is now using your edited instructions, but.

This is a little misleading. To get Vim to edit the file in-place, you need to do: You can add an autocommand in your. You can also check for the OS if you're using your vim files across multiple platforms: Dave Meybohm Dave Meybohm 7 5. Thank you for answering the question, which the accepted answer actually doesn't do. I was running into the same issue with Vim and you're correct, it had to do with its in-place editing.

This is also covered here: Dave This is not working for me. I keep getting this error message: I fixed it by changing the editor from vi to vim. I always thought both were the same. You'll usually just need to figure out launchctl load http: Andy Andy 6, 5 26 I cannot find anything that should indicate that cron is not supported on OS X.

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You'll learn even more seeing the similarities and differences between them. You lost me at "You have to create special XML files". I'll learn launchd the day cron on mac is actually dead. I did 2 things to solve this problem. I touched the crontab file, described in this link coderwall.

Used Emacs instead of my default vim: I had no problem editing the crontab with vim I got the crontab: Difference between cron and launchd As has been mentioned cron is deprecated but supported , and launchd is recommended for OS X. Roobie Nuby Roobie Nuby 6 This actually addresses the question and not the tangential vim topic. Is this a compliment or a complaint?

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In user crontab crontab -e do not put the user field. Correct cron is: ShaneMit ShaneMit 81 6. The above has a mix of correct answers. What worked for me for having the exact same errors are: Jimmy M. Lim Jimmy M. Lim 5 This also works with macOS High Sierra Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I know it's running because it was set up to also send an email to the office administrator.

She gets a failure message daily. I'm pretty sure it's not a LaunchDaemon, as the job was set up by someone who was using old-style tools, and all of the LaunchDaemons I could find were stock OS X.

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Any idea how I can track this thing down and kill it for good? So maybe this'll work - in Ubuntu, there's a user crontab for each user, but there's also a root crontab for the root user, which is often more convenient for system-level processes since it has root access.

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In Ubuntu, you can access it with sudo crontab -e which by virtue of executing as the superuser will bring up the root crontab. Good luck. Run crontab -u [username] -r for the user that the crontab file is named after.

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That will delete it. That command might be backwards, it may be crontab -r -u [username] , so give that a try if the previous one doesn't work. I'm assuming you're root already, by the way. If not, Salvor Hardin's answer may be more relevant than mine. That capability is disabled in Ubuntu by default.

Setup Remove or Edit a Cron Job

Dump your crontab to a file, edit that file, then crontabbify it back again. If it's a root crontab file, do an su - before step 1. It's dsabled in OSX by default as well, but you can sudo. Places to look: And just plain crontab -l for "list" as any user will show you what's there now. Is it possible the task is running from the Mini, by connecting to and pulling the files, rather than from the computer you're working on? Thanks, folks for the tips! Keep them coming, as some of these I've tried but some I haven't.

It is possible that it's running from the mini, but I ran many of the same tests on the mini and wan't able to find it.