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Rob McElhenney, star of FX's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," is thriving on the awkwardness he created by increasing his body mass by nearly a third — just because he thought it would be funny. We were on hand recently as Kroll talked to McElhenney about his weight gain — and left no question unturned. McElhenney at his peak weight, courtesy of the actor.

McElhenney noticed that characters always get better looking in later seasons, as storylines get more syrupy and their stars get richer.

Better than HALF PRICE!

As his show entered its seven season, he decided sudden weight gain would be a perfect way to mock other shows and capsize the relentless vanity of his character, Mac. He tried to get the whole cast to join in the weight gain, but all passed. His wife, Kaitlin Olson, was especially uninterested after having their first child last year.

McElhenney has already lost nearly half the weight in a month, after spending five months packing it on. As he spoke with TheWrap and Kroll, McElhenney ate a sensible lunch of pasta and salad pictured at right. In case you were wondering.

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As I started off I was doing it with chicken breast and rice and vegetables. But when you're four months in it and you have to muscle down 1, calories for the third time or fourth time in a day and you have to either eat three chicken breasts, two cups of rice and two cups of vegetables — or one Big Mac — you start to see the Big Mac and realize it's a lot easier to get down And then every once in a while I would eat three donuts.

And every day one of my meals was a high-calorie protein shake.

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And I feel like for the first time in my life I've been watching the show like, "All right, I'm almost as funny as everybody else. Yeah, I was jolly as f—-. And I was just full of energy, because I was eating so much.

Mac From 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Is Now Totally Shredded

It was just constant fuel. Well, first of all, I don't exactly know what you mean by that, but I will say this: My legs and my gut got so big that my penis looked even smaller. A friend of mine recently described his penis as a button on a fur coat. So we put that in the show this year. When I first heard about this, I assumed you just gained a lot of sympathy weight during your wife's pregnancy and decided to pretend it was for the show.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Mac and Dennis Chimichangas

I'm going to go on the record saying there is no f—-ing way in hell that anybody — well, maybe Charlie [Day], at one point might, if he becomes a big enough movie star — might actually get nominated for an Emmy. The end of [shooting] the show. I started at and I got up to And I thought, that's enough. Losing it is easy.

You just stop eating so f—-ing much. Regardless of your metabolism, if you stop consuming so many calories, you will lose weight. All Episodes Randall Einhorn , Matt Shakman. Mahershala Ali: From "" to 'Green Book'. Episodes I've Watched. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7. Share this Rating Title: How Mac Got Fat 17 Nov 7.

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