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The press releases for each NeoOffice release are available here. This Online Press Kit offers press materials and additional background information relating to the NeoOffice. While the Press Kit gathers the most pertinent details and summaries, you will find useful related information elsewhere on this "wiki" web site.

We appreciate your interest in NeoOffice! NeoOffice is a full-featured set of office applications including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs for Mac OS X. We have created an office suite that is adapted to the unique needs of Mac users by taking the features in Sun Microsystems' OpenOffice. See our Features page for a list of the new features in the current release as well as a list of some of the Mac OS X features requested by our users that are in NeoOffice but are not in OpenOffice. An older version remains available here for Mac OS X See our Feature Comparison page for a detailed comparison of three Mac office suites: See our FAQ page for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

These NeoOffice logos, icons, and screenshots are in medium- and high-quality.

A dpi high-resolution version of the NeoOffice logo, suitable for print or publishing, is also available in JPG 1. The former manager and lead engineer of the port, Patrick Luby, was on hand to help with the transition. Although he moved on to other jobs at Sun and evenutally founded Planamesa Software, in his spare time Luby continued working to make OpenOffice. They needed a stable, unchanging codebase in order to make sweeping changes to OpenOffice. Throughout the summer of , Luby and the NeoOffice. The 0. A series of 1. As development continued into , early builds were "pre-released" for NeoOffice supporters and bug-hunters as part of an innovative Early Access Program , which helped raise funds to support the project.

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The NeoOffice 2. Subsequent additions included support for VBA macros in Microsoft Excel documents, import filters for Microsoft OpenXML Word documents, and other advanced features developed by Linux distributors through the ooo-build process. The NeoOffice 3.

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The April release of NeoOffice 3. Of all the free office suites descended from Sun's Star Office, NeoOffice is the fastest and best option for Mac users. Its rich set of features make it an obvious choice for anyone who needs all the power of Microsoft Office, but with none of the cost.

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Reviewer Julian Prokaza for V3. I wanted to let you know [NeoOffice] 3. Our business moved completely to NeoOffice several years ago and the experience has been phenomenal- goodbye Microsoft Office. User gbh in a post on the trinity forums, April [3]. From my standpoint, the fact that you're doing real, honest-to-goodness installer packages means that I can manage a large deployment via Apple Remote Desktop.

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User drusus in a post on the trinity forums, March [4]. For other testimonials and migration stories, see the NeoOffice 2. Additional testimonials and user reviews can also be found by visiting the NeoOffice listing on the popular Mac software download sites VersionTracker and MacUpdate. Over the years, a vibrant NeoOffice community has emerged at trinity.

The community is a ever-expanding group of active users from all over the world who aid in the development, support and advocacy processes:.

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Like NeoOffice. Their generosity helps make free applications like NeoOffice possible. While the combined efforts of dozens of people have made possible the development of NeoOffice and the latest release, certain individuals have made sustained or key contributions to the code, infrastructure, and other areas of the NeoOffice project.

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Basically NeoOffice and OpenOffice are the same thing, but the packaging mode is a little bit different. NeoOffice is more close to the Mac style of designing user interfaces. The package contains the same tools that you can find in OpenOffice. You can find there a document writer, a spreadsheet creator, a slideshow creator, a vector driving application, and a database application. The better interface and the improved usability comes with a price though.

The suite works a little bit slower that OpenOffice, even though it takes less time to load, because OpenOffice has to start X11 first in case it wasn't already running. This is the price you have to pay for those round and blue buttons. Besides the features that you can find in OpenOffice, NeoOffice includes some extra features. Those features are: In conclusion: Intel Macs: Mac OS X If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? Is there any feedback you would like to provide? Click here. Popular Downloads Minecraft 1. Windows Media Player 9.

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